Some of us have started a group on Facebook for those of us challenged by UFOs--UnFinished Objects. The group is the Craft UFOs Support Group:  "Craft" in the name is our indication that craftsmen in all areas are welcome, although since it was started by lacemakers, there are mostly lacemakers in it right now. However, many lacemakers have already confessed to closets full of embroidery projects, beading, knitting, and so forth.

The group has been a lot of fun already. New acronyms (USO = UnStarted Object, as in kits we haven't even opened, BBAO = Barely Begun Ancient Object) are being tolerated. Groans are greeting puns in a combination of German and English (finishing a shawl was deemed a "Schal-lenge"!!). Several people were relieved when our new group turned out NOT to be about Unidentified Flying Objects.

The idea of a support group for problems with UFOs sounds funny but it's far from entirely a joke. There really is discussion of how we can discipline ourselves to finish some of our projects, how to decide which partly done project to pick up again first, what do we do if we have bad associations with a project, what if we're stuck because we don't know how to do the next step, when do we cut something off or discard it, and so on. Members are offering genuine support and encouragement as others post pictures of Projects Half Done (a PHD, which lots of us have). Sometimes all we need is someone telling us how beautiful is what we've done so far, and encouraging us to continue work on it (which if we do long enough will result in our finishing it!). Sometimes other help is needed, but the exciting reality is that people are offering it to each other.

So join for the fun, join for the support, join out of curiosity. Whatever your reasons, you are welcome to join us!

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Comment by Lorelei Halley Administrator on January 24, 2017 at 12:49am

I've got 2 languishing.

Comment by Darlene Castro on January 24, 2017 at 12:37am

Every time that I look in a container or box I always see at least 3 UFO's lol. I feel like I need to be in procrastinators anonymous lol

Comment by Bouvot Michel et Claudette on July 24, 2016 at 1:36am

Bonjour à tous les membres de ce aux autres. Dans notre association (Dentelles et Blondes - Caen et Courseulles) (DBCC) nous organisons beaucoup d’événements dentelliers. N'hésitez pas à nous contacter pour plus d'informations : Rencontre de dentellières en juin 2018 à Caen (Normandie - France) 

ou pour participer à mon prochain livre : "1001 dentellières - tome 2

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Nous sommes là pour vous aider en toute amitié.

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