1. Adding a photo to our PHOTOS
Look for the row of tabs across the top of the screen, on the gray bar.
Click on PHOTOS.
Click on +ADD
Click on the gray box CLICK TO ADD PHOTOS.
Select a jpg or gif file from your computer.
Click on UPLOAD. (It may take a minute, especially if the file is large.)
Plug in a title and description, tags
Click SAVE at the bottom of the screen.

When you choose a name, use a word that searchers will use, such as torchon hankie, Bedfordshire mat, tape lace motif.   No image search will ever find a photo file named "img2345dsc". If you have 16 antique laces photoed, call them "antique lace 1", "antique lace 2".  Call the closeups something like "antique lace 1 det1"  Choose a name that a searcher is likely to use.  That way your photos will show up on internet image searches and bring us more traffic.

TAGS:  Tags are like invisible labels attached to your photos.  But they are visible to search engines, which will recognize the specific phrases you use.   They also serve as handles for grabbing photos inside our network.  But there is a specific grammar that must be used.   A tag with multiple words must be surrounded by " ",  So, enter "Bedfordshire bobbin lace", or "Binche lace".  If you want to attach multiple tags to a photo, separate the tags by commas.  EXAMPLE: "Bedfordshire bobbin lace","bobbinlace collar",bobbinlace,"lace collar".  If you enter BEDFORDSHIRE BOBBIN LACE COLLAR, the software will save this as 4 separate tags: bedfordshire,bobbin,lace,collar.  To get the whole phrase, enter it as:  "Bedfordshire bobbin lace collar".

Please crop out as much background as possible (it takes up space and we do have a storage limit). Don't post duplicate photos or multiple copies. A shot of the whole thing, plus some detail shots is appropriate.

Also, we must respect copyright. This means no pages or photos from books published 1924 or more recently (unless you wrote the book), no pages or articles from magazines, no postcards. It also means do not post images from some other website on the net. Instead post a link to that website or page.  Respecting copyright is part of ning's "Terms of Service" requirement.  If we violate it and somebody objects, ning can delete our network unilaterally.

2. Adding a photo to a comment box: you can either use the link button (the first one), or you can use the image icon (the 2nd button). Link button is for images already online somewhere else, and does not create a 2nd copy of the image, but just a link (smaller use of digital space). Image button creates a 2nd copy of the file: use it for images from your own computer (but it can also be used for images already online).

3, How to use the hyperlink button to create a link to a photo in our PHOTOS section.
Putting your photo in MY PHOTOS is the right place, because then any of us can create a link to it, for discussion purposes, and because images in PHOTOS can be collected into albums to make them easier to find.
--To add a link to an image in our PHOTOS: Have two tabs open in your browser, one with your comment box (or discussion box or whatever), and the other with your photo with only it on the screen. This is important, because if you move from the page where you have your active comment box to another page or website, everything you typed into the comment box will be lost. You have to keep that page open continously in order to save your work.
--Go to the tab that has only the picture on it. Copy the url of the photo.
--Go back to the tab with the comment box. In the comment box where you want to put the link, highlight a word that will serve as the link. When the little box appears paste the url of the photo into the box. This is where the problem occurs. Go to the beginning of the string of letters and symbols. You will find that http:// occurs twice. You have to carefully delete one set of http:// If both sets are there the link function won't work.

This method will not put a visible photo into the box, but by clicking on the link word viewers will be taken to the image (which is stored somewhere else). The image is not stored a 2nd time on our site. It remains in its original location, we just have a link connection to it.  This method would be used to make a link to a photo on your photo sharing site, your blog or your website, or to link to somebody else's photo on the internet that you want to discuss.  Since we are creating a link, but not making a copy of their file, this is not a copyright violation

4. Adding an image directly to a comment box using the image button. (The actual image is visible in the comment.) When a viewer clicks on the image, the whole original image will pop up, in all its detail.
Click on the 2nd icon -- the image icon. It gives you 2 choices: from my computer, or from a url.
From My Computer: click BROWSE, find the image, copy its name and paste it into the slot. (It must be a jpg or gif file.) Click on OK.
From a URL -- Open a 2nd tab in your browser, get to a screen with only the image on it, copy the URL. Go back to the tab with your comment box on it. Paste the URL into the slot, but be sure that http:// only appears once (or it won't work). Click on OK.
This latter method makes discussion of the image more fluent and easier, but the image is only findable later if members search through pages of old comments to find the box with the photo.   Do not use this method to add somebody else's photo from another website to your comment or discussion.  Doing that is a copyright violation.  To discuss somebody else's photo, create a link according to the instructions in paragraph 2 above.

This method also works for adding a photo to a DISCUSSION.


5. Adding a photo from a comment box to our PHOTOS:

It is possible to take a photo posted into a comment box and add it to our PHOTOS.  If you move your mouse over a photo in a comment box, and a hand appears, then that photo is one that CAN be added to our PHOTOS. 

Have 2 tabs open in your browser.  In the 1st click on PHOTOS, click on +ADD.  Keeping this tab open, go to the 2nd tab.  Go to the comment box where the photo is.  When your cursor moves over the picture, a hand will appear.  Click on the picture.  It will take you to a screen with only the photo on it.  Copy the url of the photo.  Go back to the 1st tab.  Copy the url to the slot on the +ADD screen.  Click on UPLOAD.  It will take some seconds.  You can then add a description and select an album to which you can add it.


6. The method of adding a photo avatar to represent you is different from the method for adding a photo to our PHOTOS.
1. Look for the box in the upper right hand corner, with your name on it. Click on SETTINGS.
2. The center column on the page that comes up are all the elements of your profile that you can edit or change. Your photo is the top choice. Click on BROWSE. Select an image from your computer. Go to the bottom of that page and click on SAVE. And you now have your new photo.


7.  Photos will be deleted if:

  • 1. they are not lace
  • 2. they are photos or pages from a book or magazine (unless you wrote the book).
  • 3. they are copied from another website (post a link instead of copying the photo) -- unless it is your website and your original photo.
  • 4. The photo is out of focus or such poor quality that we can't see how it is made.  (If we can't see the threads and stitches, or how it was made, there is no point in posting the photo.)
  • 5. If the image is more than 50% background I may delete the photo and ask you to crop it first and then re-post it.


8. Sizes of photo files.
Try to keep photo file sizes in the range 500-800kb, but 1-2 mb is acceptable when really fine detail is necessary to make the photo useful.   If you have a photo which is very large, say 1 mb or more, please crop out as much background as possible.

Let me explain. There is no absolute reason for not posting large files: it is just a practical reason. The larger the file, the longer it takes to fall onto your computer screen. Not everyone has super fast internet connections. This means that people with slower speeds will click on an image and see nothing happening. They will give up in disgust and think nothing is there. But the real problem is that there is so much there that it is taking 2 or 3 minutes, or longer, for the image to assemble itself. A 2 mb file can take as long as 10 minutes to download with dialup internet service. But if a large file of 2 mb is broken up into 4 segments, each file is then 500 kb and quite manageable.

Whether you use a computer scanner or a digital camera, you can tell the device how much detail you want it to record. Both of them usually give you a PRESCAN or PREVIEW function which tells you what the lens can see and you can then tell it what is the part you want it to record. The prescan does not make a permanent record of the image. The PRESCAN also usually gives you the resulting file size. When you see what that is you can increase or decrease the resolution to get something in a reasonable range for your purpose. Once you have that settled, you do the scan or shoot the photo so the device permanently records the image.
Ideally, give us one image at moderate resolution, which has the whole object. And then add 1-4 detail shots at higher resolution so we can see the stitches and how it was made.


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