This network is for all those who love handmade lace of any kind. We have sections - GROUPS -  for discussing how to make various kinds of lace, for identifying lace and discussing lace history, and for designing lace.  It is possible to post photos into comment boxes so everyone can see what your question is about.  Every group has sections for book suggestions and threads.

Members are welcome to post photos of their work, or of lace in their collection.  We must respect copyright.  This means do not post any pages or photos from books or magazines (unless you own the copyright), no postcards.  Do not post photos from another website (unless it is your website), instead post a link to that photo or web page.  Photos must be in focus.  Photos that are out of focus, poor quality, or taken from a book or website, will be deleted.  Please do not post photos of children or pets.  Members who want a piece of their lace identified or discussed are welcome to post a photo in the history and identification group.

We want this to be a positive network, helpful and based on good will.  Courtesy and respect towards all other members all the time is expected and required.  Members who cannot be courteous all the time will be deleted.

We have GROUPS for members with special interests, including for local ioli chartered groups and others.  (If your local group would like a page here, contact me and we will work it out.)

laceioli is not an appropriate place for intensive advertizing.  We now have a DISCUSSION      where it is permissable to post notices about lace related things you are selling or looking for.  Our members who have lace businesses can also use that discussion for posting notices about their items.   But restrict such notices to no more than weekly.   

Posting information about your website, blog, books you have written, workshops you are giving, new designs you have created, is useful information, and is welcome.  We want to know about your contributions to the lace world.  There is a difference between useful information and obnoxious advertizing.  Obnoxious advertizing will be deleted.

PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO EXPLORE THE GRAY BAR NEAR TO TOP OF THE PAGE, UNDER THE NAME OF OUR NETWORK. This bar contains tabs with links to the multitude of parts that make up our network. There are 2 pages of GROUPS. A list of FORUM discussions already started. There are a large number of PHOTOS posted by our members, most laces we have made, but also some antique pieces. And there are teaching VIDEOS. LEADERBOARDS show the currently most active members, and most popular photos and discussions during the last week.

I will update these notes from time to time as issues and questions arise about how the site works.


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