Has anyone used an "app" to manage their personal library of lace books or their guild's library of lace books?  

Our guild ranges from a member who does not have a computer to members who use computers and smart phones.  It would be nice to have an app that can be used from either a computer or a smart phone and that can print out information for non-computer users.  

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I have a great system that allows me to add different databases such as guild library, personal library, my sons', husbands...

It's from Collectorz and is very adaptable to guild purposes.  I can save a spreadsheet, which I print out semi-annually for our guild binders. It allows check outs and manages them. The individual database can be uploaded and I can carry it on my phone to meetings or lace days for shopping.  

I'm not a dealer, but love this system.  It's relatively inexpensive at $50 or so. I purchased it personally, and "gift" the system use to the guild. Works out nicely, as I'm the librarian.  For my personal collection, it's been nice to make sure I don't re-purchase books.  Only issue I have, is that I can't open more than one database on my phone. Maybe there is a way, but I haven't spent time figuring it out.  I've played with many of the options and LOVE it!


I use an app called My Library for my personal lace groups. I think it cost under $5 from iTunes store. When I purchase a book I make a new entry either by typing in the details or using the Barcode scan.  If there is a barcode, it enters most of the details, I choose the category to place it in. The book can be found by Title, Author, Genre, etc. You can even take a photo of the cover if that does not come up.  My only problem is remembering to check it before buying another book at convention in my haste to purchase something I don't think I have already.

Thank you Laura and Janice.  We'll take a look at your suggestions.  


A good free system is calibre, allows you to have multiple libraries for different topics, and you can  convert to almost any ebook format and send to your mobile via email. It also have a really good help forum and is endlessly modifiable. Mac and PC compliant. 

After looking at several options,  I chose to try out LibraryThing.  It is free for up to 200 items.  My personal collection of lace books has more than 300, so once I reached 200 I had the choice of a $10 annual fee or $25 lifetime fee.  Accounts may be for people or organizations.  There is a limit of 20,000 items.  It can be used from any device which can access the web.  Therefore I do not have to be concerned about iphone vs android vs ....  I can make my account "public" and tell other guild members how to view from whatever device they use to access the internet.

When I add books to my account, I can search a large number of sites by ISBN, title or author.  I often find a matching entry with a picture of the cover.  Once I add that entry to my account, I can edit the details such as the specific edition, add tags, and add to collections that I define.  There is the capability to record multiple authors and their roles.  The primary, secondary and original language can be selected from short or long lists of languages.  Books can also be added manually from scratch.  There is a capability to scan barcodes and store cover photos, but I have not used these yet.  There is the capability to keep track of books which are checked out, lost, etc.  


There is also TinyCat at www.librarycat.org  .

If you are interested in seeing how this works with my collection, I'll tell you how to access it.


 Glad you found something to work for you!  Happy organizing!



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