My lace guild (along with several others in our region) is making a display of lace pieces (all types of lace) to use as an attention-getter for demos, fairs, etc.  The theme is "Cherishing the Chesapeake" (referring to the Chesapeake River and Chesapeake Bay in the Washington D.C. area), promoting restoration and conservation.  The requirements are 12-24" (30-70cm) long, 1.5-2" (3.8-5cm) wide, bottom edge must be a straight sewing edge (not curved, etc.).

I found the logo of the Chesapeake Bay restoration program, and I'm considering making it into a needle lace piece.  I'm puzzling over a few points, though:

1. Should I repeat the entire logo (3"/7.6cm) wide) to make it the required minimum length, or repeat just the waves and plant?

2.  Should I make it in color or plain white or ecru?  If in color, what should I use for the background color?  (Working in color is quite a bit out of my comfort zone.)

Here's the logo  (I cut off the wording for my pattern).

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Wow! That will be an interesting project!

Although I usually work in white, I think I would use those colours, - though the black would be hard to see.

It could be mounted on a white card, then the colours would show up nicely - like they do in the photo.  You probably have some white, so that would save buying something!.

Good luck with it, and let us knkow how you are going with it. 

I've been playing around with the design in my graphics program, and I REALLY like the effect of an ecru background.  With using color, it wouldn't need very many different stitches to be effective.  What stitch would you use for the ground?

I recommend that you first check with the owners of the logo and see how they feel about you making an adaptation of their logo.  Chances are there will be no problem, but I would hate to see you put a lot of work into a project and then run into a copyright problem.  

Your project will likely be viewed from a distance, not just close up.  Therefore you must make sure that you have a lot of contrast.  Sometimes people will put a lot of work into a piece of fiber art, and you cannot see much until you get next to it.  White on black or black on white is a major contrast in value (light/dark).  The choice of stitches will give you grays between the white and black.  If you aren't comfortable with color, stick with white or ecru.  Look at to see what Pierre does in large pieces of lace in white.  He just taught workshops at the IOLI convention.  Check The Lace Museum in Sunnyvale to see if he will be teaching online classes soon.

Logo Copyright - Had not thought of that. Good One, Sally!

You could put the logo in the center in plain white, then extend the wave elements and repeat plant elements in ecru.  That way you would highlight the " official" logo as designed while getting a bit more creative with the other elements to make a pleasing design that fulfills the minimum length requirement.

You could, in the ecru section, have a V-formation flock of geese much smaller somewhere in the background.  You could also include more clumps of marsh grass in a decorative arrangement.   

What a fun project!

I have already contacted the Chesapeake Bay Program for permission to use the logo, and I'm waiting to hear back from them.  I'm thinking that since the colors are already chosen for the logo, it will be less intimidating for me than if I had to choose the colors myself.  Lagartija, I like the idea of the geese in the background.  I'll have to think on how to accomplish that.

As for the displays, the lace pieces will be mostly blues and greens and mounted on hanging organza similar to this exhibition at the 2018 World Lace Congress in Belgium:

Sally, I looked through Pierre Fouche's site.  Way above my artistic and lacing skill levels, but fascinating nonetheless.  Although modern art (including lace) generally isn't my cup of tea, I was especially intrigued by his incorporation of Morse Code and imitating the pattern of sharks' teeth in one piece, and the use of WWII parachute silk in another piece.


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