The International Organization of Lace, Inc. (IOLI) and the Doris Southard Lace Guild cordially invite you to attend the 2015 IOLI Convention in Coralville, Iowa from Monday, July 27 to Saturday, August 2.

If you are interested in making lace, collecting lace or just learning about lace you can find out more about the convention in the 2015 Convention Invitation.

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“Lace on the Prairie” is offering a tour on Thursday July 30 to the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library in the morning and the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library-Museum in the afternoon which is displaying “The Making of the Great Humanitarian”.  Learn how World War I dramatically altered the life of Herbert Hoover from successful mining engineer to “The Great Humanitarian”.  The exhibit includes Belgian lace.  The staff will have a show and tell program in the reading room so that the tour group can see lace from the collections that is not in the exhibit.  The collections have some “war lace” and a large collection of World War I Belgian flour sacks which were embellished with embroidery and/or lace and sent as gifts of gratitude.  The Library Museum is located within the Herbert Hoover National Historic Site, a 187 acre park administered by the National Park Service. This landmark preserves the natural world of Hoover's youth and the Quaker community where his values were formed including birthplace cottage, blacksmith shop and Friends Meetinghouse.  You may hike in the tall grass prairie.  A few seats are still available for this tour.  The Herbert Hoover Presidential Library & Museum in West Branch is 12 miles east of Coralville on Interstate 80.  The Museum is open 7 days a week, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  

REMINDER: Hotel rooms must be booked by Monday July 6 to get the convention rate.  

It appears our room block is full for Wednesday! Have no fear! I have gotten a message through to the gal at the hotel and she has assured me she will add more rooms on Monday and is happy to extend the deadline. Have a Happy 4th of July! See you later this month!!

A few rooms have been put in our block.  Get 'em before they are gone again!  And if they are gone let me know!  I will also try to keep an eye on them.  She didn't give me a new deadline, so don't delay. 


I am looking for people who are attending IOLI in Iowa and arriving at the
Eastern Iowa airport on Monday, July 27.  We are able to arrange group taxis
for a reduced rate.  $38 for the first person and $3-5 for each additional
person which would enable us to split the cost.  So we can coordinate rides,
call Yellow Cab Iowa City at 319 338-9777 and reserve a cab.  We presently
have people at 11:00am and 12:30pm.  Other times are, of course, possible.
A mini-van will accommodate about 5 people.  If you are interested, please
call Yellow Cab and send me a note. Katherine (


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Laurie Waters has a very substantial EVENTS list on lacenews.   

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