I posted this somewhere else, because I didn't know this group existed. Here 'tis: An old piece of unknown provenance. Needlelace. That's all I know. I do not remember where I got it except that I have inherited things from 3 old ladies over time and it was probably in some of their stuff. It is in storage and I am not at home or I would provide a closer view. 

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Yes, needlelace, imitation of 17th C Venetian gros point, this one made around the turn of the 20th C. Was probably a cuff. Quite a pretty piece.

I agree with Nancy. Definitely needle lace. The shapes of the motifs suggests Revival Era -- c 1890 - 1920. Possibly Venetian. The less than perfect workmanship also suggests revival era.


Could you tell us what is your reference to say it's turn of the 20th? design? type of thread used? or something else?

I would love to know more about identification....

Thank you in advance


I think that the shapes of the motifs do not match earlier needle laces, such as gros point. I do not claim absolute certainty about the date.  Here are some other early needle laces.



Hi Arzhela,

The design is reminiscent of Art Nouveau, including the general symmetry, which puts it 1890 to 1915. The padded outlines are quite monotonous and weak, unlike the17th C Gros Point or even more-so the 19th-20th C Wiener Werkstaette over-the-top Gros Point reconstructions. It's too ornate and fluid, on the other hand, to be a more recent Chinese knock-off.

I think I'm quite a bit more certain than Lorelei about the date -- it's absolutely not 17th or 18th C. But I wouldn't be hard-nosed about a half-century on either side of where I've put it if there were some feature that someone could argue put it out of the Art Nouveau range. I just don't see one.

On the other hand, I don't know enough about needlelace to say for sure where it was made. I don't think the workmanship is nearly good enough to be late 19th C Aemilia Ars from Burano, but might be a later derivation and is most likely Venetian.

Hope this helps,


Yes, of course this helps! Thank you soo much to both for such explainations. I would love to be able to know that about my favourite lace which is chantilly lace! Si If I can start to know things  like that to be able to argue afterward about more laces it's very very interesant for me. So thank you so much!


May I recommend that you get Elizabeth Kurella's book "A Guide to Lace and Linens" -- it's an extremely good book for the details of the different kinds of lace. (You can get it from her Ebay listings, under the user "lacemerchant".) If you study that book, you will be able to identify 90-95% of handmade lace. She also gives dates for the different types but not evidence for those dates. For that one needs to read about the history of lace and look at paintings. Some of the extremely detailed paintings enable you to identify the kind of lace in the painting quite specifically and that gives you a data point for when that lace was made.

Lace was imported and traded from Europe all over the western hemisphere, so the presence of lace in a painting doesn't say much about where it was made. Some laces are very specific (e.g., Argentan needlelace, or point d'Argentan, was/is a speciality of the town Argentan in a lace-making area of Normandy and is very specific to that area), whereas others are a much more widely copied design technique (e.g., there are entirely handmade tapelaces from both Italy and Flanders from the 17th C that are hard to assign to one country or the other.) For in-depth and reliable information about the history of lace -- dates and geographic origins -- see Santina Levy's magnificent book "The History of Lace".

Finally, learn to make lace if you aren't already a lacemaker, especially bobbin lace. The details of how the different laces were made are much easier to see and remember if you know how to do them yourself, plus it is the most rewarding past-time I've ever tried.

Have fun!

Arzhela LE MAITRE said:

...I would love to be able to know that about my favourite lace which is chantilly lace! Si If I can start to know things  like that ...



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