Right. Now, let me confess straight off that I know very little about lace. I am new here, and I am eager to learn.

I am attaching photos of a piece that was preserved in this frame. It belonged to my great grandmother, but I don't know whether it came from her bridal veil, or what.

Could anyone here date this for me? The frame is metal and is covered with a lovely golden woven material. There is glass on both sides.

I just love this and would so like to know more about it.


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I don't know why my photos aren't uploading?

The one photo that uploaded was off center so that part of it had nothing in it.   Try to take a photo of the whole thing from a distance, then do a close up.

It looks like embroidery on netting from what little I can see.

Oh, how frustrating.
Am trying them one at a time.
Last one, showing a bit of the framing.

Someone with more knowledge than I have will probably chime in....  it looks like machine netting to me and some of the lace bits look machine made. The little ribbon flowers appear to be appliqued on it.  It is a mixed technique piece.

I can't comment on the date.

Sorry, I'm not much help!  

There are types of hand embroidery on machine net. Limerick lace is an example. But there is also machine embroidery on machine net. This isn't bobbin lace or needlepoint, which are the two crafts most often called lace. But the term lace is used widely!

As for dating - if it came from your great grandmother, then that's a clue!  It may come from her wedding and yet not necessarily be her veil. Lace was used more widely than that! Or from the christening of one of her children... Or just a piece she liked. If it was her veil, isn't it a bit odd that there is only a small piece of it? Wouldn't she keep the whole thing? Unless the moth got to it!

I think this is an example of how information can get lost. If you have a special piece with memories, which you wish to hand down to further generations, then write down what it is, its associations, its date, perhaps a photo of it in use, and keep the information with the piece. It adds so much more. I have a wedding veil with photos of the four people who have used it - two of the photos being of the actual weddings. And dates, and names, and relationship to each other. I put the collection together (one of the people being me) as the use by the two older people were family tradition.

What a lovely piece, with such unusual framing.  Yes, it is machine made lace with hand embroidery on top.  It is sad to have lost the history, but it is still a treasure to enjoy.  

Thank you so much! Yes, it is frustrating not to have the history. I really have no idea what part of my great grandmother's life it came from. But my family always has been a disorganized crew!
No doubt moths have been frequent players.

I think you ought to write down now, what you DO know, and put it with the piece. Each generation assumes that their knowledge will last! Write the name of your great grandmother, and her dates if you know them, plus any other information, and her relationship to you (and your name, and dates, and maiden name if relevant). Plus any family stories that you've heard. It sounds as if you're writing stupid stuff down, like your own name. But believe me, it makes all the difference in a generation or two!

I agree that it is machine lace. Here is an example of a similar machine lace, although this one is much more dense than yours.  http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/3c/9c/7f/3c9c7f0eb792530ec80... 

I do see layers in your piece. In some places the diamond shaped mesh area has hexagonal mesh lace on top of it. You can see the diamond meshes behind. I am not sure about hand embroidery, except possibly the outlines of the flowers and leaves. The ribbon flowers are handmade.

As to date, probably late 19th or early 20th century. This is a piece which has more sentimental and personal value than other values.

If your interest in lace goes beyond this one piece, you might start with this page in my personal website.




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