« 1001 Lacemakers»  TOME 2   Claudette and Michel Bouvot      bouvot@libertysurf.fr

     Michel Bouvot – D85 Le petit Lieu – 14430 St JOUIN - France)

Talk about yourself in 5 to 10 lines max: For example (without obligation): Age - number of years of lacemaking - the types of lace you make (Bucks – Needle lace  – Blond lace  - Cluny - frivolity - etc.) You teach lace - you organize or participate in exhibitions - you have a workshop - you are a collector - (But be brief!) …

Picture (not mandatory): A photo ID, or making your lace, or "avatar", small (max 6 cm X 5 cm) good definition (*)

Required photos with very good resolution (*) 1 or 2 or 3 of your best work with lace, brief explanations of your work, and for example, the time spent and / or difficulties and / or type of thread.... And / or detail that you would like to highlight.
Origin of the model: (Name of the magazine or book with name of person who made the design and pricking): "It is important to acknowledge the author of the pattern ..." and if you have changed it in any way.
Remember that all this must fit on one page A4 (21cm X 29 cm) - a beautiful picture is worth a page of writing - I can adjust the photos so that everything fits on the page. 

If you create models, I offer one (or two) more pages to publish a model of your design with the technical details needed to make it (type of lace - thread to use - Number of bobbins - ...) and a photo of the realization.

Limited space (between 100 and 150 lacemakers for "1001 lacemakers" Volume 2). The pages will be assigned in the order of arrival of this "contract" signed (the documents may be sent now, or before February 15th, 2018)
Michel Bouvot, the author, reserves the right to refuse any information or photograph deemed not in accordance with the spirit of this book, or too large, or arriving late, or insufficient size to be printed or reduce the text content exceeding 10 lines (Arial 11).

     This page will represent your work, so take your time to make beautiful pictures!

Your financial contribution to this project: You agree to buy three copies of the book upon its release (scheduled for mid - 2018): (16 € X 3 = 48 € + postage) (Price of a book in stock: € 16 and more : € 32 after) + postage in "Colissimo" rate for France (about 12 €) and sending "Books and Brochures" (about 15 €) for the rest of the world, if the books must be sent. The payment will be made between January and March 2018. You can also order more than 3 books, price of 16 € each by March 2018 (€ more than 32 € thereafter)  - I remain at your disposal for further information.

 Michel et Claudette Bouvot

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I am interested Thanks......

Marika Camilleri


Please, if you are interest to be in the new book (1001 dentellières tome 2) contact me by email : bouvot@libertysurf.fr

I cannot speak more about my project on this website. Sorry.

Best regards


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