I have been experimenting with a new (to me) technique for a big pattern. I wondered if anyone else would be interested?

I am doing a fan. The pattern would fit on my pillow, but a fan pattern is in a curve, so the bobbins would have to hang in all sorts of awkward directions. After eating a supermarket pizza, I discovered that it was resting on a thin polystyrene base. So I wondered what would happen if I rested it on my normal lace pillow. A fan is a half circle, so I cut the base in two, pinned the pattern on, then put the whole thing on my pillow fastened with just a couple of pins. The whole thing seems to be working astonishingly well. The bobbins rest on the main pillow, and the pattern is on the pizza base. The pins in fact seem to be mostly within the pizza base, but if they go into the pillow beneath, then that doesn't matter, As the pattern is worked round, so the bobbins are hanging awkwardly, then I can lift the pizza base, and move it round. In fact, I decided that I wanted to move the whole thing round to face in a completely different direction, and there were no problems - no pins fell out, no bobbins dragged or fell off (or even got unwound)!

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I myself haven't made a fan yet, but I always say, whatever works.  You have quite a bit of it done already and you said with no problems.   I myself would say...continue.  you are almost half way though already and it looks good to me.  Great idea on your part.

Sounds quite resourceful to me!  Glad it is working and if I ever do a fan will keep it in mind.  Thinking it would work for some larger collars or doilies too.

That was why I decided to pass the idea on, because I thought it could be adapted to other large scale patterns. The idea of having a pin pillow on top of a bobbin pillow, as it were. And that these pizza bases - well, I don't know if they are only in the UK. But they are free! (if you eat pizza...)

Clever idea. But I would imagine that the white background makes the white thread hard to see.

I would definitely use one of those Magic Markers and make the background blue or whatever color your eyes could adapt to. I like and use the blue all the time if there is no way I could first print the pattern on blue paper in the beginning.  I wouldn't like white on white at all.

Administrator said:

Clever idea. But I would imagine that the white background makes the white thread hard to see.

I don't find a problem myself with white on white. I've done plenty of patterns that way.

In fact, the thread is fawn, so it's better than usual. But the pizza base is actually covered by the pattern - there's only a thin strip round the edge visible. If I'd printed the pattern on coloured paper, then there would hardly be any white at all. Or, of course, you could cover the base with textile, like any other pillow. But for this experiment, I was trying to make it as simple as possible, to see what worked.

For anyone who's interested, the finished fan. There is more than one background as it is tricky to photograph.

Your fan is gorgeous.   I've yet to make one and I have everything to do so, just been tatting for about a year and now I want to get back into bobbin lace.  Seeing your fan really makes me want to even more.  

I don't like working on white at all.  It just seems to be harder on my eyes, but to each his own.  Thanks for showing your fan though  Really appreciate seeing it. 

Jo, what a clever idea and lovely lace. 

If someone wants to color the base, it would need to be something that won't rub off on the pattern and then the thread.  Marker on plastic might be undependable. 

Unfortunately, the bases of the pizzas we eat are heavy paperboard and, although the pizza comes in plastic wrap, anything I would make on the base would smell like pizza to our Shelties, so we would have a whole new species of lace enthusiasts, who, unfortunately, would not quite appreciate the lace and lace fan sticks quite the way one would like.

Lovely fan.


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