I'm searching for instructions for making the tape used in Battenberg and similar laces. I want to make Battenberg in more than just white, and this will be much easier if I can make all of my components myself, using the same materials for each component. I've seen references to making the tapes using a tape loom, but have found no resources that explain how one would accomplish woven tape. Photos of extant tape I've examined look more like bobbin lace, and I'm not opposed to using that method to make my tapes, but I can't seem to locate any instructions for that, either.

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There are 2 alternatives that I know of.  1. Make your tape using the bobbin lace method.  It will be boring, but do-able.  2. Make the tape as for Romanian Needlepoint Lace, which uses a crochetted strip to substitute for the tape.

For #2, go back to the opening page for Mixed Tape Laces.  Look under the icons of group members.  Click on ONLINE RESOURCES.  The one with Romanian in its url has something about those tapes.

For #1 all you need to do is learn a basic bobbin lace strip.  But there are oodles of ways to vary it.  So select the style of tape you want, post a picture with enough detail that we can see the threads.  Then we can tell you how to make it.  If you decide to go this route, go to our BEGINNERS BOBBINLACE group.  Under ONLINE RESOURCES are a list of websites with lacemaking instructions.  The Jo Edkins site and the Tatman site are probably the best to start with for your purposes.  If you get stuck, or really can't figure it out, ask us again.  But please do look through those resources first.

Ok, thanks. I'll take a look through the Googles for pictures of tape I like. Even though I listed bobbin lace under "Want to learn" instead of under "Things I know" on my profile, I have learned the very basics of it, using the Lacis Bobbin Lace Kit. I still haven't quite wrapped my brain around reading the pattern diagrams. I also need to paint my bobbins so I can differentiate the pairs (right now, they are all plain). I haven't done it much because I do most of my needle/string crafting (knitting, crochet, tatting, etc) at work, since I work in a 24-hour call center either in the evenings or all night long, and there's a lot of dead time in between calls. The Lacis board is not very portable!


Don't bother to paint your bobbins.  It won't help.  The bobbins change position constantly.  But what is helpful is to practice with threads of different colors on the bobbins, especially the weaver pair should be a different color.  That will make it easier to keep track of. 

So making just the weaver pair of bobbins visually different would be helpful?

Yes, at least to the point where you can switch back and forth between a cloth stitch tape and a half stitch tape.  Once you are at the point where you can find the weaver, even if you drop it in the middle of a row, you no longer need colored thread on the weaver pair.


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