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At 8:33am on January 8, 2017, Shawn said…

Thank you Barbara!  My Mom and I have always loved lace and she bought me a kit many years ago and now I have some time to learn. 

At 8:12am on January 2, 2017, Cathy Wesemann said…
Good morning, Barbara,

My husband and I love the Kenosha area. When we can, we visit the Bristol Ren Faire there. That was our first Renaissance faire we attended and so, it is our favorite. We've been going almost every year for almost 20 years.
Next time we go, I'll have to check out their crafts area and see if there are any bobbin lacers there.
At 6:48am on November 12, 2016, Mary DeChristopher said…

Thanks for contacting me Barbara.  I am a little slow, trying to learn to navigate Laceioli site.  I am having some difficulty identifying some of my laces.  can you recommend where to go with questions?

Kind Regards,

Mary Dee

At 4:55pm on November 3, 2016, Virginia Berg said…

Just doing torchon so far.  Want to do it in a bigger format so it is easier to see. 

At 10:20am on October 16, 2016, Julie Castle said…

Thank you for the welcome!  I am browsing the site at this point.  There is sooo much to look at.  I began with an interest in Romanian Point Lace, but I have been following some Italian bloggers' blogs and love their work.  From watching the videos I may just try my hand at bobbin lace.

I found recently that I've created many knitted lace patterns with my yarn over errors that I, of course, took out.  I'm working on a couple lacey knitted pieces, but they are on the back burner, again, as I focus on Christmas gifts.

I'm busy crocheting my cord for some Romanian or tape lace ideas I've found at the Antique Pattern Library.

Too much to do!  

At 12:28pm on October 15, 2016, Virginia Berg said…

Hi Barbara,

I do multiple crafts so I have rotated back to doing some bobbin lace again.  Made a few small pieces.  Because I don't like working with thin thread, I have been increasing the size of prickings and making them in 4 ply cotton.  I also made my own bobbins- a fun thing to do carving the dowels and adding beads on my covered porch during the summer.  I am using Lessons in Bobbin Lacemaking by Doris Southard because it explains everything from "scratch" as it were.  Also using Bobbin Lace by Dye and Thunder for relearning the basics and practicing- but doing it larger.

It is relaxing.


At 6:57pm on October 14, 2016, madeleine dickerson said…

Hi Barbara,

Thank you for the greeting to the site.  I am a beginner in bobbin lace. I have finished several bookmarks, a small lst doily, and am now trying to do a Slovenian lace butterfly which I am enjoying. 


At 10:12pm on June 16, 2016, carol coallier said…

thank you ,so much.I would love to be your friend. How long have you been doing  lace?

At 2:23am on June 10, 2016, Priit Halberg said…

Hello Barbara! There is a saying that one picture can tell more than hundred words, so I send you a photo of my works at the bobbin lace festival that took place last summer in Pärnu (Estonia). The white "table cloth" is actually a shawl I made of fine wool and in bobbin lace technique. It is one meter wide and two meters long and it took about 900 working hours to complete it. I also like to make something for men - so there are two ties and also a lace for a tuxedo belt... I hope you like them.

At 5:38pm on June 8, 2016, Administrator said…


From Carolina's website. The black lace near the bottom is a free Hinojosa pattern.

At 3:14pm on June 8, 2016, Christy-Lee Lowe said…
Glad to meet you Barbara. I hope to learn so much. Do you know of any good books for self-taught Limerick lace? How did you get started with lace making? -Christy
At 1:57am on June 8, 2016, Carolina de la Guardia said…
The EB logo is not Hinojosa is Milanese lace.
The stitches used are usual in Milanese but not in Hinojosa, and the pins are not evenly put. Inside curves the pins are close together. This is a characteristic of Milanese. In Hinojosa, the pins are always put at the same distance, including curves. It has its own rules to work the curves.
At 7:12pm on June 6, 2016, Administrator said…


Carolina de la Guardia's website has her booklets on Hinojosa, which did not cost $90, but I don't remember the exact cost.  The only problem I can forsee is shipping cost. But ask her.

At 5:46am on June 4, 2016, Sylvie A. Roy Nguyen said…

Thank you.  Hinojosa is one among my favored tape laces to make.

At 1:31pm on May 17, 2016, Cheryl Eaton said…

Hi! You've made some beautiful lace. I love the colours.

At 4:47am on April 24, 2016, Margaret Orchiston said…
Thank you for welcoming me - I used to be on Arachne about 15 years ago. Just got a new computer so decided to restart making patterns.
At 9:35pm on January 25, 2016, Beth Harpell said…

Thank very much. I'm sure you make beautiful lace! Looking forward to being part of this lively lace community!

At 3:11pm on December 1, 2015, Karinna robles said…
Thank you Bárbara for you friendly
At 1:19am on November 2, 2015, Rebecca Dawson said…

Thanks Barbara. I've been trying to look around on here, but my browser kept crashing. A bit frustrating, but I sure like what I am seeing. You are right there's lots to see. While I do not do all of the lace work on this site I like looking at all of it. There is a lot of talented people here.

At 11:11pm on October 16, 2015, Jenn Eth said…

Thanks Barbara :).  I'm a beginner and have done 5 lessons so far in Torchon using Elizabeth Wade's book :).  I've been told that there's endless things to learn about bobbin lace making :).  I wish I had more time!

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