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I'm checking in again. My hand is better and now usable.

I am still having some issures with my hand, but so far I have done some tatting, so thats good. I have a couple new books now too.  One in tatting and the other in bobbin lace.  I don't recall weather I posted the tatting one before or not.   Now to get moving on them.  I'm still a bit slower with my hand, but at least it's working.…


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Stars In My Eyes..

This is one of the snowflakes I tatted while in Florida.  I used Lizbeth size 20 thread in Snow White.  Brought it home to stiffen and she will get next time I go down.  The design is by Lacemakermom and I got it through Etsy.…


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Cappuccino Star

This is called Cappuccino Star designed by Renulek.  Used Lizbeth size 20, snow white thread.  Again, brought it home to stiffen it.  Will bring a bottle of stiffener with me next time I go down to Florida.…


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Back to doing bobbin lace...

My lace group is doing a two Saturday retreat where some are getting more advanced and other's as myself are just getting back into doing it again.  So far we had a great time and made progress with our work.  I myself got back into again without to much of a problem.  Just a little slow in the beginning, but then I was right back on track with it.



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I'm ready to get going on my lace making...

After my total hip and PT for that, then more PT for my neck again, as it wasn't doing to good at all, I have now hit a time when it is almost over.  I still have some dry needling done on my neck, but I am doing pretty good.   I now want to get my book out and get going.  

I have no instructor so it will be just me and the things I've learned about bobbin lace already, which I think/hope is enough.   My patterns are printed out now all I have to do is clear a pillow.  I have to…


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Still dreaming about Hinojosa Lace...‏..

Had a total hip replacement on December 27th with some minor complications like an infection.  Having plenty of in home PT and visiting nurses.  I must be getting better because now I'm thinking about Hinojosa Lace again.  To see my Dr this morning to find out the next move and I'm getting antsy..!

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Just to let you know.....

I've had surgery on my neck last Tuesday the 24th.   Lots of arthritis.  He had to take out each disc, clean it up, put it back in with new spacer bars between them.  Right doesn't feel good at all...!!  Lots of pain today, must be healing...ha, ha!

Hope to get back into things in maybe a week or so...I hope.  Will be thinking of all the projects your doing and I'm not...!

Later friends...


I still want to make this…


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Hinojosa Lace...‏

I've seen and heard enough now about the Hinojosa Lace that I have ordered one of the books on it.  Spanish braid lace "Witchstitch" I is the one that I've ordered.  Thanks to Carolina's site I was able to see some of what is in this one ahead of time and the other books also.  Not making any promises here, but I want to make that one stitch and because of that I made some advancement.   I was told that the one stitch I want to do could be made in some of the Milanese Lace, but why not…


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Irish Crochet Motifs...

It has been quite a while since I have done any crochet work, but my group got together this past weekend to learn more on Irish Crochet.  I didn't follow through with it before, but when I saw what they were going to do, I just had to go and I'm glad I did.  I have finished my first Irish Crochet flower head.  I had to leave for a 70th Anniversary for my Aunt and Uncle who are both in there 90's, and I couldn't miss that.  I then went back in time to get started on the leave. 



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The passing of 'Jan Stawasz'.....

I have just heard about the passing of Jan Stawasz on the 21st of this month, and I am in total shock.  

Such a talented man who had so many ideas and patterns to pass on to us all.  I have both of his books, and I am forever grateful that I had heard about him.   Only 66 years of age, and already gone.  

He will be greatly missed.  My prayers go out to him and his family.  I am sure…


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Weekend retreat doing Bucks Point lace....

We had our retreat at the Sienna Center in Racine, WI.   We have been going there now for a few years at least.  They surprised us with a brand new retreat building this nice!

There were about nine of us this year.  I have done Bucks Point before, but it's been a long time, and I could tell that my eyes have changed a bit.  Here are a few of our pillows taken during the first full day.  Having trouble getting these pictures to line up right.  One lady finished her strip, but…


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Back from vacation and new photos added...

I did some internet searching while on my vacation, and saw a new idea.  I saw tatting done and then a magnet applied, so it could be put on the refrigerator.  Copied a few and then even designed two of them myself.  Now I have to try and remember how to post my files in here.

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Winter in Wisconsin...!

It is snowing so hard right now, and piling up like crazy!  Good thing I went out this morning and got everything done that I need to  do.  Since my last posting in December, I then went on to suffering again, but with kidney stones this time.  I need to have the Lithortripsy  surgery, and then he also put in a stint.   The first 48 hours was just pure hell! (sorry!), but the truth.  Thank god that is all done.  Now on to better things.

As of late I have been…


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December showing...

It's been kind of hectic for me lately.  Had another arthroscopic surgery done a couple of weeks ago because of constant pain from my knee replacement in January.   It's better, but far from good.

My lace group had a couple of tables at the Museum this weekend for there 11th Annual International Holiday Festival.  We had fun and answered a lot of questions about both lace and our group.  We have been doing this now for about the last 5 years or so.  I have pictures and now I have to…


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