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Catherine Barley's reprint of her book is now available

Cathy's book 'Needlelace Designs and Techniques' has now been reprinted and is available direct from her at a price of £26.50 plus postage and packing.       Cathy's contact details are    This book contains lots of projects which have colour photographs as well as stitch instructions together with diagrams and lots of useful information.    This book is suitable for both beginners and the more experienced.  

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Lace is Everywhere

Lace is Everywhere…


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How to Clean a Lace Bridal Gown

Lace material, especially the lace that is used for bridal gowns, is difficult to clean without ruining. The material will stain easily if cleaned wrong, fall apart if cleaned with harsh chemicals or not retain the same softness and beauty the lace bridal gown was purchased for. If you're not going to take your bridal gown to a professional dry cleaner, there are very specific ways that you should clean it to ensure it isn't ruined.…


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The passing of 'Jan Stawasz'.....

I have just heard about the passing of Jan Stawasz on the 21st of this month, and I am in total shock.  

Such a talented man who had so many ideas and patterns to pass on to us all.  I have both of his books, and I am forever grateful that I had heard about him.   Only 66 years of age, and already gone.  

He will be greatly missed.  My prayers go out to him and his family.  I am sure…


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Weekend retreat doing Bucks Point lace....

We had our retreat at the Sienna Center in Racine, WI.   We have been going there now for a few years at least.  They surprised us with a brand new retreat building this nice!

There were about nine of us this year.  I have done Bucks Point before, but it's been a long time, and I could tell that my eyes have changed a bit.  Here are a few of our pillows taken during the first full day.  Having trouble getting these pictures to line up right.  One lady finished her strip, but…


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Copyright Issues

Dear Members

We must be aware of copyright issues.  Posting a whole pattern from a book written by someone else is a copyright violation.  There is an issue of "fair use".  But I'm not sure how, exactly, that is defined in our situation.  We can post patterns if the copyright is expired.  Recently we have seen several whole patterns posted from recent books or magazines and we really should not do that.  We try to talk to each other about how to work a particular pattern and we do…


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Lace Embrace - Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Lacemaker’s Guild of Oklahoma will be holding their annual all-day event called Lace Embrace in a new location - the Student Center of Tri County Technology Center (TCTC) located at 6101 SE Nowata Road Each year on the first Saturday in October this event offers opportunities for the general public to come experience the LOVE of lace.  Lacemakers and…


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Lace Links on Pinterest

LaceNews has started yet another activity - and it's not just a standard lace links page - I'm using Pinterest to identify internet sites, each with a photo, web pointer, and brief description. After only 4 days of working with this I have 29 'boards', or topic categories, and 309 pins representing individual web sites.  More are coming every day.  Pinterest account holders (a free service) can also…


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I have made an album called Sonja's Lace and uploaded some lace I have made for you to see.


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Because I love cat

I have started making a cat designed by Ms Vla…


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basic excerses

I had finished two basic excerses. Fond Torchon & Fond Dieppe... I did it  ^^v…


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Dentelles au fil du temps

An exposition ‘Dentelles au fil du temps’ on the bobbin lace was open at the Watch Museum of Le Locle, Château des Monts in Switzerland from May 1. I am planning to visit it next week & so excited to see Swiss lace (^^ 

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My debut of Bobbin lace

It was February 2013, I started learning how to make bobbin lace, here Neuchâtel, Switzerland at last.

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Back from vacation and new photos added...

I did some internet searching while on my vacation, and saw a new idea.  I saw tatting done and then a magnet applied, so it could be put on the refrigerator.  Copied a few and then even designed two of them myself.  Now I have to try and remember how to post my files in here.

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Live blogging The Young Lace Makers Symposium- Doily Free Zone

I have proposed to Lorelei that those of us who are attending the 1st International Symposium of Young Lace Makers in Pavia Live Blog the event. I don't know if anyone has ever Live Blogged a lace event before, or even if it is a good idea, but in the spirit of innovation, I thought we could give it a try. I encourage anyone who is attending to share their thoughts, observations, pictures and Youtubes as responses to this entry.


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Winter in Wisconsin...!

It is snowing so hard right now, and piling up like crazy!  Good thing I went out this morning and got everything done that I need to  do.  Since my last posting in December, I then went on to suffering again, but with kidney stones this time.  I need to have the Lithortripsy  surgery, and then he also put in a stint.   The first 48 hours was just pure hell! (sorry!), but the truth.  Thank god that is all done.  Now on to better things.

As of late I have been…


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The Comfort of Lace

Lace has been a wonderful distraction and comfort this last week.  My father died suddenly.  The whole clan came together and we got things done, but I found that I needed quiet time in order to deal with my loss. DH made sure I got it (and that I ate). He's a saint!

As I found moments here and there I would pull out my tatting or if at home I would sit and work at my pillow.  I was surprised at how much a comfort I felt in the simple act of moving pairs back and forth or the flow of…


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Thank You Father Chrsitmas!

Had a low key Christmas  - illness will do that.  But, in amongst the Avenger's Lego set and the stunning jewelry DH gave me I found 30 new bobbins to be spangled.  I shall now have to brave the Boxing day crowds to get proper spangling beads.

I may have to try and design an Loki / Avengers lace piece - just for a challenge.

I hope the holidays were pleasant for everyone.

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December showing...

It's been kind of hectic for me lately.  Had another arthroscopic surgery done a couple of weeks ago because of constant pain from my knee replacement in January.   It's better, but far from good.

My lace group had a couple of tables at the Museum this weekend for there 11th Annual International Holiday Festival.  We had fun and answered a lot of questions about both lace and our group.  We have been doing this now for about the last 5 years or so.  I have pictures and now I have to…


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Off to National Christmas Lace Makers Fair!

In just a few days - wow - off to the National Christmas Lace Makers Fair!  It is getting exctiing!  

Is anyone also going?

Ring in here!

Added by Patty Foley on November 24, 2012 at 12:07pm — 2 Comments

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