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Lorelei Halley Administrator left a comment for Katherine
"Katherine That is quite a lacemaker's story. I think you are now in the right place, with many others just like you. But, please read all the NOTES. They explain our policies, and how the software works. Join any groups that interest you. If…"
Nov 7, 2020

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What is your primary lace interest? Check more than one.
lace maker, collector
What kinds of lace do you make or collect?
Unsure but it's crocheted edgings and lace, but also Irish crochet, and hardanger. Collected Tatting and hardanger
What kinds of lace do you want to learn?
Bobbin lace as does knitted lace appeal to me. I've always loved Tatting. I've never tried it.I have been looking into historical work as far as religious pictures (filet crochet) or especially to see if there are religious vestments that have lace on them or is it just embroidery
Tell us more about your lace interests.
I started making doillies while my children napped in the afternoon back in the 1970's. I was given a bag of old and very thin thread, I'm thinking size 40 and some are 80 and some very small 0-13 crochet hooks-let the doilies begin! A friend had hung some crochet lace she had removed from a cloth and hung it on the edge of a shelf. It was very full and about 5 inches long. I think it came off a type of ruffled doillie. I thought it was so pretty that it started my desire to make lace. I went to the library to get started and then purchased a book or two and later books on lace edging.
I found an old black and white, no cover crochet book at a 'junk' store it had loose pages but I didn't care. It's almost 3/4" thick and about 18-20" tall and about 15" wide. Full of lace along with crochet for tables-and inserts and laces and inserts for clothing. Mostly for the clothing others don't see. I definitely prefer the use of the thinner threads for lace verses say size 30, or larger, which I think for my tastes is to bulky.
From the first time I saw tatting I have been interested. A lady at my Grandmas was making something by tatting. She tried to show me how but I was all thumbs plus I was about 5 or 6 and it seemed so complicated. The first time I saw tatting in the local antique store I purchased it. A queen size flat sheet with a 4 or 5 inch lace at the top hem. It was a beginners piece but I didn't care. I repaired it as best I could with needle and thread, trying to hide stitches where the tatting was loose. I didn't want it to come apart and get worse. After that I purchased more, looking for the better stuff, though I will always love that first piece. I also started collecting hardanger. I didn't know what it was but I liked.
The lady at the antique store didn't know what it was called and by this time Gramdma was no longer with us and I didn't have anyone around me that was interested in the old stuff, they wanted contemporary things in their homes.
I have seen knitted lace in books and magazines and it is so beautiful, I think I may like it more than crochet, it's so soft looking. I haven't picked up a pair of needles since about 1968. I have said to myself off and on over the years to learn to knit again. I didn't because it seems I always have so many irons in the fire and I think I should not add another until I finish something.

As my way of 'giving' I add lace edging to fleece baby blankets along with making a cap/hat using the same color yarn. Since I've been crocheting off and on for 44 years I just make it up as I go. Sometimes I may have to flip through a book or magazine to get the juices going. This is something that is ongoing and are donated to the local hospital for a new family. We also make hats and scarves for the homeless, a woman's shelter, veterans and homeless veterans (!)
Now I'm not saying I'm really good at lace making because I know I'm not. All I have to do is compare my work to a more experienced lace makers to know I have much work to do.
I have to say I greatly enjoy making the things I do, even if its not perfect-but I do try.
When I get to bobbin lace making I Know I must be on top of it and take out the bad stitches by going back and taking out stitches until it's fixed. The same goes for knit lace. Any misses or wrong stitch will show.
As far as the religious vestments go I am in the still thinking I have yet to look through the archives for books that may have crochet or other types of lace on them that I can then make and include the embroidery which I'm sure it will have.
Now the sad news. I moved from Southern California to Georgia. Many items were shipped on pallets including my boxes of pretties and a 30 year collection of many different things to make a crazy quilt. At the very last moment I had to get on a plane and I left my 30 something years old son to finish the last of the pallet wrapping. Complete any online sales and complete the 4 day yard sale.
Once he was sure the pallets were complete and wrapped and all the sales completed I had a gentleman set up to come and take away everything that didn't sell and donate it to the local thrift store which was Christian and most of the monies were donated to three local churches who helped the community in many different ways.
The pallets came about a week after I was already in Georgia and were just put into my daughters garage Until I found a place. When I did six months later, I unpacked everything but books, sewing and crafts.
I had things to purchase for the house and wasn't getting these things out because I needed shelving, cabinets and cupboards to organize it all. When it was time to open these boxes I put things where I wanted them and when I was done I realized about 4 boxes were not there. So I went to the garage thinking they are there. No, not there. Went to my daughters, not there. Called my son about them and found that because the man came early to pack up the yard sale and items from online sales for the thrift store, confusion happened on my sons part.
My son and I decided this is what happened: my son was packing up the last pallet when the man came, in the middle of him telling him what he could have he had to help someone at the yard sale and then he forgot to finish the conversation with the man and had gone inside to get the online things for him and went back to packing up the pallet not realizing anything was missing wrapped it up and the trucking company was there within minutes of him finishing and that was now on it's way to me. He stayed one more night to let in the cleaners. When they were done my son was ready to drive to Texas It was 11 months later when it was found that boxes were missing. Two full of collecting of textiles and laces and two full of 30 years of collecting for a crazy quilt I wanted to make in my retirement.
I'm in my 60's and starting over again. Will I start collecting again? I don't know but I'm sure if I see something that speaks to me and is in my budget I will get it and I won't regret it!

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At 2:38pm on November 7, 2020, Lorelei Halley Administrator said…


That is quite a lacemaker's story. I think you are now in the right place, with many others just like you. But, please read all the NOTES. They explain our policies, and how the software works. Join any groups that interest you. If TATTING is still one of your goals you might try needle tatting instead of shuttle tatting. It is easier to understand and the result looks just the same. Our TATTING group members can point you to sources and sites that can help. If you have any questions about this site, contact me and I'll try to help.


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