This is the frame pricking pattern. The colors show the bobbin pair travel path. Two pairs (black) stay in the ground, Two pairs (gold)stay in the fan edge. The other colors represent a single bobbin pair.

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Comment by Lagartija on January 12, 2022 at 7:15am

Thank you for the advice, Jacquie.  After I posted, I kept working with my sample for another 20 inches or so.  As bobbins ran out, I started new threads using "work two as one" until I had replaced all 18 bobbins. I got a lot of practice starting new threads!  Based on that sample, I knew I what lenghth of thread I put on the replacement bobbins.  I have a bed in the room where I work, and I used the length of the bed as a measure, laying out the thread up and down the bed. When I ran out the first replacement bobbin, I knew in the sample, how much lace it produced.

So when I wound the bobbins for the project, I wound six bed lengths on all the bobbins except the four weavers of DMC 100 for the fan. I gave those 8 bed lengths, because my sampling showed more was needed on those. The other bobbins have Bockens 60/2 linen.   When I wound the first pair, I laid out the first four bed lengths, wound it on the bobbin and then used the wound bobbin as the starting point to lay out the lengths needed for its mate.  No knot will be needed at the start. Laying the thread out on the bed allowed me to keep the long length from tangling as I wound it on the bobbin.  Since these are Danish bobbins, they can hold quite a lot.  Not as much as Swedish bobbins, but more than enough for my frame.

I studied the pattern carefully and for the fan, chose the start point to be the start of the second fan head on the right side of the frame, just before the entry of the red thread shown on the pattern, working toward the footside.  This allows the entry of the red thread, then turning back toward the headside and then starting the green thread and the purple thread along the first fan segment.

For the ground, I started under that second fan, right where the two black threads cross at the midpoint.  The yellow and blue threads were started on that same line.

Now I have completed one side, turned the corner and I am approaching the second corner.  

Comment by Jacquie Tinch on January 12, 2022 at 3:24am

Taking your last point, when you are using magic threads to start so therefore must be doing a sewn join, why would you consider having a knotted pair as the start of your workers?  Chose two similar size bobbins, measure off arm lengths of thread as you wind the first then pull of the total length to wind the second.

Accept the fact that you may run out and for this reason don't fuss to get an identical amount of thread on both bobbins, so the joins aren't in the same place.  If you were making a tablecloth there is no way you can get all the thread needed on the bobbins to start with.  When you say "as much as they will reasonably hold" I hope that by that you don't mean "as much as I can possibly squeeze on".  The whole point of the bobbins is to protect the thread so the thread shouldn't bulge out along the neck.  if it does, the thread rubs on the pillow and often the hitches come undone more easily. 

And of course you may also break the occasional thread, so joining in new ends should be one of the first skills you learn, not something to avoid.

The rule of thumb for non-workers is three times the length of lace you are making. 

If you still need help with the start, let me know but I've probably seen this too late and you've had help from elsewhere already.

Comment by Lagartija on December 25, 2021 at 11:18am

This is the pattern for my frame.  I have watched Jenny Brandis' video on starting, using the "magic threads" technique, but I am not sure where to start each bobbin pair.  Any help here would be greatly appreciated!

Because of the alternating pattern of the fan, I don't think I can start on a straight diagonal line.

Help from experienced people who have started a frame would be so great.... how much thread to wind on the bobbins?  The four bobbins that weave the fan certainly need more than the ground bobbins...that is obvious.  I was going to wind on as much as they can reasonably hold.  I was going to wind each bobbin separately then tie the pair to start.  

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