If your article is of general interest to all members, the best place to post it is to FORUM.  If it is on a specific subject, such as Celtic tatting, it should be posted in the DISCUSSION section of the tatting group or the relevant group.

Look at the gray bar under the name laceioli, and click on FORUM.  In the upper right hand quadrant look for +ADD.  Click on +ADD.  Give your article a name.  Choose a name that an internet searcher might use, such as "lace castles" or "lace evening wear".

The best method to create your text would be to create a WORD file .docx as your master copy.  It should contain your photos, which must be in .jpg or .gif format.  

Look just above the large text box for a little row of icons.  The first allows you to use a word as a link to another online source, such as somebody else's photo.  Posting a link is OK. But never post somebody else's photos, only post photos whose copyright you own.  The 2nd icon is for posting an image, the 3rd is for video.  Look at the NOTE called PHOTOS, paragraphs 2, 3, and 4 for instructions on how to put photos into a comment or forum box.  http://laceioli.ning.com/notes/PHOTOS

Then copy and paste each paragraph, and each photo into its proper place in the large box that ning's software provides.  Use the scroll bar on the right edge of the box to move down and give  yourself more space.  I suggest doing this in VISUAL MODE so you can see how it will look.

SAVE your work.  Then go back and edit.  To edit, look above your title, right next to the ADD button for the OPTIONS button.  Click on OPTIONS, click on EDIT and you can edit or add anything to your article.  Only the member who created the discussion, or the administrator, can use that OPTIONS button to edit your work.  Nobody else can change anything you have written.

If you look below this box you will see that the software allows us to post files, such as pdf files (acrobat reader files) or Word files .docx, or rtx, directly.  I don't recommend this for 3 reasons. The members can't see if it is something they want to look at unless they click of the file.  And clicking on the file automatically  downloads the file into their computer.  Some people are very leery about downloading large files into their computer, when they aren't sure about what they are.  And there is a 5mb limit on each file.

If your article is on a specific subject such as Celtic tatting, go to the relevant group.  Look under the group icon for a section called DISCUSSION FORUM.  Look at the bottom of that section, on the left.  Click on +ADD A DISCUSSION.  From this point on, the instructions are the same as for posting a more general discussion.

Only members can post anything to laceioli.  Do not give any outsider permission to access your computer from outside your home or from any other computer but yours.

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