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For those interested in designing and making contemporary and modern bobbin lace designs which don't fit into traditional categories.  Many of these will be pictorial or realistic representations, but some will be abstract.

The logo is a piece by Ilske Thomsen of Hamburg.

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Comment by Amber Lackey on February 10, 2012 at 10:07am

The students work is bueatiful and yes I would consider it comtemporary.

Comment by Patty Dowden on February 10, 2012 at 4:01am

I pretty much follow your thoughts.  But I think small excursions to to major changes in traditional forms of lace could be productive.  I am a technician at heart and always tinkering.  Sometimes a lot of small changes add up to something new.  We just have to call 'em as we see 'em.

Comment by Amber Lackey on February 9, 2012 at 9:27pm

I think contemporary lace will include both innovation and modern designs. A lot of your more modern designers are mixing types of lace together which creates something new with a different look. they are also going outside the box compared to standard shapes and sizes. To me this is a comtemorary lace just as much as any new type of lace. New patterns showing up in traditional laces is just a continuation of that type lace. That will hopefully continue otherwise we loose interest in the old lace techniques. I think when we speak of new designs we should think no more than 25 years as that would give it time to gather a following and become "established". Once beyond that point, no matter how small the following, it should be separated into another catagory that maybe we need to make up and name if a lace cannot be placed anywhere.

Comment by Lorelei Halley Administrator on February 8, 2012 at 10:47pm

Interesting question, Patty.  In one sense, I think of contemporary lace as anything designed and made by a living lacemaker.  This definition tells a non-lacemaker that the art/craft is still alive because people are using it to do new things.  But another, more practical definition has to do with where do we put conversations on this site?  So that practical question tells us that if it combines 2 or more of the traditional styles/structural kinds, or breaks all the catagory rules, the discussion belongs here.  If someone wants to design their own lace, has a drawing, but can't figure out how to work it, put it here.  Maybe somebody can make suggestions.  As to whether contemporary means modern or does it mean innovative.....     If somebody is working a design by Kumiko Nakazaki which is a Flanders design with very modern motifs,  I'd put it in CONTINENTAL STRAIGHT LACES, because technical questions will almost certainly fall within the limits of traditional Flanders.   Or if someone designs a point ground lace that is completely new, but the techniques used in it are purely traditional point ground techniques, then the discussion belongs in POINT GROUND LACES. And nearly all the Czech laces you mention would fall into CONTEMPORARY, because nearly all of them have both continuous tapes AND discrete motifs that need extra pairs hung in and cut out.  And a lot of German modern lace combines part lace technique with continental guipure technique (elaborated cousin of Cluny).  At least those are the things I was thinking when I set this up.  What does everybody else think?

Comment by Patty Dowden on February 8, 2012 at 6:29pm

I suppose defining contemporary lace is the first order of business.  There are many types of lace that have been made for more than 30 years that do not fit the expression of any of the traditional laces like point ground, or cluny, or the continental laces (antwerp, binche, flanders, point de paris, etc.).  And then there are torchon and tape laces. When I get to figural laces I get to squirming a bit, since many laces have been used figurally.  

A lot of the work that comes out of the Czech Republic is quite innovative and has been for a long time due to their acceptance of lace as a branch of fine art and the inclusion of lace design into their art schools.  

Is Contemporary deemed to be modern?  or simply innovative?  Once an idea has been worked out in a piece of lace, how do we view it?  

To my understanding, contemporary means today.  But the real question is when did yesterday end?


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