Hi out there in Lacemaking Land...

I recently purchased the 1st of the 3 part series from Ulrike Vorlcker. I actually was able to find copying paper with the 4 holes for future use.

I would Love to open up my 1st package but I would also like to have a binder to hold the series. Can anyone help me with a location to purchase the the correct binders.

Thank you very much,


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I just asked a vendor in the UK about this.  She recommended two sites:



I'm thinking about getting a couple for my pages as well.


Amazon has them. 

The brand is Wilson-Jones and the size is A4.  You'll need the 2" binder for the Torchon set.  Her grounds set will fit in the 1" binder.

Prices can vary from day to day.  I paid $17 for the 2"...$20 with shipping.





You can also order them through Office Max or Staples. 

They usually don't have them in the stores so they have to be special ordered.  You can go into the store and ask them to get it for you...that way it may save on the shipping costs.

Again, the size you'll need is the A4 size. 


What is this series?  Can you give me the exact title and a description, so I can add it somewhere, to one of our recommended book lists.

Thank you Peggy and Laura...

Now lets narrow this down...lol

I went to all 3 websites so I'm not sure which will be best. I do like the way the Wilson -Jones open up so I may go with that one. And since the 3rd of the Torchon series is out, will the 2 " fit all 3 or should I just get 3 one inch for each part. I cant tell from the Empire site if the binders open the same as the Wilson-Jones.

I also came across plastic holders for the pages. Is  one pkg of 100 pages be enough or should I get 2 packages?

Looking foward to your responses.


Opinions ladies ????

All 3 parts of the Torchon series will fit in one 2" binder...with room to spare.  I like the way the Wilson-Jones binders open.  They have a clear plastic pocket on the front cover so you can slip the cover page of volume 1 in it.  They also have 2 pockets on the inside of the binder for loose patterns, etc.

What do you mean by plastic holders?  If you mean page holders, you really don't need to put the Torchon series in holders.  They're pre-punched for the binders.



Page holders, or protectors aren't really necessary.  They'll also bulk up your binder.  Maybe A4 page dividers to separate the three books. But you could also just buy the removable tabs to stick on the edge of each in the series. 

Hi Girls...

I did hold off on the page holders. I thought it out and decided it was unnecessary. I bought three 11/2" binders from Empire for each chapter. And just for a back up I will order the 2" Wilson Jones. Now I will be "covered" , lol... from all sides.

I just LOVE to waste money...I always have the need to gather up stuff needed before even trying out the craft. You should see my yarn stash !!!

I wouldn't worry too much. There are so many more option to order pages that will fill your extra nicely. One can never have too many books for inspiration and new techniques!

Just want to thank everyone for your help with this very important decison...hehe

Well it was important to me.

All the best to my fellow lace makers




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