Well, earlier this week, the day after my birthday, I got a surprising email from someone at the Denver (Colorado, USA) Museum of Art requesting a piece of my Hyperbolic tatting to put in a permanent display.  I immediately responded YES!  Now I am trying decide which of my newest ideas would be most appropriate.  

I think the person in charge of the exhibit saw the article about my Hyperbolic tatting in the IOLI Bulletin.

This is going to be fun.  I have a zillion ideas, which is decidedly worse than not having any!  So back to the drawing board!  I have work to do!

Here is an example of Hyperbolic Tatting

Hyperbolice Wreath on a cabone ring

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I've liked this for some time, but I'll admit to not really understanding what hyperbolic tatting is.  How it is made.  How it differs from regular tatting.  Anyway, congrats on the commission!

I really like this piece.     CONGRATULATIONS!


Patty please email me at AKTATTER@aol.com Congratulations!

that's fantastic! congrats!

Well, Hyperbolic tatting consists of ordinary tatting in an unusual format.  A woman crocheter and mathematician was studying Hyperbolic Mathematics, which is involved with forms that increase exponentially, which means that the rate of expansion is a multiplier.  If the first row as 4 stitches, the second row as 8, the third row has 16, etc.  It is exponential because the rate of expansion is a power of 2 (row 2 has 2 X 4 stitches, row 3 has 2 X 2 X 4 stitches,
row 4 has 2 X 2 X 2 X 4 stitches, until the world ends or you run out of thread.

So, the end result is a form that rapidly becomes not flat, very not flat, wildly ruffled, actually.  I love this form.

The method can be used on a line (a tatted chain) or a circle (a tatted ring).  A Hyperbolic Chain will ruffle on its own or can be rearranged into a spiral.  A Hyperbolic Ring will ruffle quickly into what appears to be a ball, but in fact, is a cone.

My addition to the store of needlework inventions was to interpret the crochet method in tatting.  It was quite a mind bending exercise which includes figuring out a way to have the  right number of DS (Double Stitches) in each row separated by the right number of picots in all the right places.  A very different way of looking at the construction of tatting.

The simplest rate of increase is to double the number of stitches from row to row.  So row 1 has 4 DS separated by picots.  For Hyperbolic tatting, picots precede the DS they separate, which is also a little different.  But it works!


Great job! and congratulations

I have seen this piece, your work recently somewhere.  I find it a very interesting look indeed..!  Congratulations on being given this offer, and hope it leads to something good for you, and maybe us to...!

Hi!  Just wanted to let you know a member of the Chesapeake Region Lace Guild shared your hyperbolic tatting with others at the lace day. And, I was one who learned your technique and will be sharing your hyperbolic tatting with 2 more tatters Saturday....it's spreading!  We love it!  Thank you!

Patty, I like the three pieces I just posted on thelacemuseum.org to advertise your upcoming workshop.  I sure hope we get enough takers for the workshop.  I will post it here on the events page.


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