I received an e-mail from someone looking for this piece of tatting that was done in the 1940's.

THE LAST SUPPER was tatted in color by Louise Concistre. The piece is huge...12ft x 6 ft!

Have anyone of you heard of this piece?

Mrs. Concistre also made an 8ft THE LAST SUPPER and a 6ft representation of the ASSUMPTION.


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Hello Debra,

Just a quick response, as I don't have the research handy, but yes such a piece of tatting is supposed to exist. It was printed in a woman's magazine with the name and town on Long Island, NY. There was no photo. Contacts with the magazine were fruitless. Letters to historical society of the area went unanswered.

I have always hoped that such a piece of tatting actually existed but the common confusion of crochet for tatting and tatting for crochet has always made it seem doubtful.

Hello Georgia,

Catholic Home messenger Feb 1951

Dorothy Tooker went to the home of Mrs Louise Concistre and interviewed her at her home in Queens. Mrs Tooker comments on Mrs Concistre's tatting shuttles (mostly old-fashioned celluloid ones and one delicately fashioned of sterling silver. "a women gave the silver one to me after she saw my pictures...")

Will try to send the article (a first for me in this environment).


Not sure why page 2  is an attachment in the thread. Here it is again.

OMG I can't believe! After all these decades. It exists!!!!!!!

I am stunned! The article in Woman's Day? was so tiny compared to this. My heart is filled with emotion at this story. And to know that it was in color, tatted during the war, and all the other details. Thank you, thank you.

When I first read the e-mail, I too thought...it is not tatting. Then I read the article and realized the author knew what tatting was!

It sounds like a member of Mrs Concistre's family is trying to locate it.

If you could spread the word. It sure would be great to find it.

I wonder what thread she used. When I think of "old celluloid" shuttles I think of a normal sized shuttle. If I were to tat something 12 feet x 6 feet my "thread" would be yarn; which means no shuttle could hold enough thread for me!

Please give them my contact info and let them know that I will spread the info.


will do.


Please, Everybody, remember that posting pages from a magazine, however obscure, is a copyright violation if the publication is more recent than 1924.  I really hate having to police this issue because I understand how valuable it is to share information.

Anyone who wants the details of this matter, contact Debra Jenny.  Remember that if you "friend" someone, and they reciprocate, it is possible to send a private email.

Thank you.

I was (obviously) not thinking. I am in the process of gaining permission.

My excitement in finding out that this "mythic" piece of tatting, the elusive object of countless letters and hours of research over the span of 30 years actually existed is so great, that I hope this small "oops" will be quickly forgiven. I will aid Debra in any way that I can to obtain proper permission.

I noted in the magazine article that the author was Dorothy Tooker. A tatter by that name was the editor of "ShuttleArt Magazine", also. (verified just a while ago) I have but 4 issues from the year 1949. But, if this is the same tatter, then there exists the possibility that she also shared information about L. Concistre with her subscribers in issues closer to the 1951 time period of the original article. ...

So the hunt continues...


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