If you haven't heard about "TAT A BRUSSELS MOMUNENT" for the World Lace Congress in August of 2018 taking place in Brussels, here's the link:  http://www.canarithy.be/cinema  If you are a tatter, I hope you will participate!  This is a very ambitious project and will need all the support it can get.  Many hands make light work...

On the pattern: it is much easier to do if you start with the Ring after the chain she suggests starting with, and do that chain last instead.  It takes about 10' of thread, and the first motif will take about an hour to do.  I've memorized the pattern and now have it down to about 35 minutes - and I'm the slowest tatter in my local guild. 

Deadlines for getting your completed motif(s) to Cathy is March 1st. 


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I'm up to 46 motifs done.  Anyone else participating in this project?  Every single one is helpful!

I'll get in on this!  I'm going to offer an item for my Tatting Guild's newsletter and see if I can drum up more tatters for it, too.

Yay!!!  That's awesome!  I hope you can get everyone excited to participate.  Do you want the handout pdf I put together?  I made up a bunch of copies and have been handing them out at our guild meetings to remind everyone. That has proved pretty useful. Almost everyone in my guild has made one now, and many have made several.  Katie Verna, amazing woman that she is, has now made over 30!  I've been sharing out thread for it for those who don't have size 20 pinks on hand and that has helped too. 

10,000 is a lot of motifs.  I would like to see Cathy reach her goal.  I've seen other public lace works, but not of tatting.  If every guild in the world would send in 100, I think she would make it.  So if everyone will spread the word on their blogs, to any guilds they network with, and encourage their own guilds to participate, I think we can make this work!  My personal goal is to leave no one able to say "Oh, yeah, I heard about that, but way too late to do anything..."   Getting the word spread around is really important. If you're bilingual, translating the message and instructions into other languages is worth its weight in gold.  People can't participate if they don't know about it, so our most important job at the moment is to get the word spread in time for everyone who can to participate.  We live in an age of social media, so it's a lot easier than it used to be! 

You ROCK, Kathleen!  Getting it into your newsletter is inspired!

I would love a copy of the handout .pdf you made! I send you a friend request on facebook and a PM reminding you to send the .pdf to me there.  :D

OK, I have 110 motifs from 4 members of the Shuttlebirds Tatting Guild here in Spokane, WA to mail out.  I plan to get them to the post office with them tomorrow.  Here's a photo of my contribution:

I've also attached the photos of the other ladies' work, but couldn't figure out how to add multiple photos withing the message.



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