I'd like to hear some pros and cons to the IOLI point ground proficiency program. I'm thinking of trying it. 

I have no group in my area, so that would be a reason to do it. But I do attend conferences like the Winter Lace Conference and the upcoming IOLI in St. Paul, so maybe it's not worth it. I've always wondered what those who've tried it think. So glad to have this forum to find out!

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From the lack of anwers to your question I infer that nobody in our network has done the point ground proficiency program.  I'm going to ask around outside.

Well great, thanks! I'm probably going to send the check off anyway. Getting the journal is relatively cheap compared to getting it assessed! I can kind of tell from the Bulletin's write-up on the Torchon people what it's about, but it would be great to hear from some alumni!


You could write to Jo Ann Eurell, whose email address is on the bottom of the proficiency program page in IOLI's website.  I wrote to her but she didn't have precise answers.  Perhaps if you contact her directly with specific questions she can be some help.  I can imagine what kinds of questions you have in mind.


Here is the answer I received when I asked more specific questions:


Dear Lorelei
I'm not home so Im doing this for memory but I think there are 4 Bucks patterns, 3 Tonder patterns, 1 Chantilly, 1 polychrome,and 1 blonde pattern in the Point Ground journal. The difficulty increases with each pattern within Bucks and Tonder. There are 2 different paths for Chantilly-blonde- polychrome; you may chose patterns by Ulrike Voelker or Lia Baumeister. I think all are samples with the exception of a Bucks hexagon. More than one national tradition - yes, English, Danish and French. The registration fee is $25.  If you submit a portfolio for assessment , the fee is $150.
Let me know if you have further questions

oooh I think I'll pop for the journal -- sounds challenging! Thanks, ioli, for ferreting out the info.

Does the journal actually have the patterns in it?

Yep I think so.

Simon Purple said:

Does the journal actually have the patterns in it?

Hello Joan,

The journals are designed to help one learn by researching the information about what makes the laces differ and there are pattens and photos of the lace.  If you attended IOLI in St. Paul, you may have heard that you do not have to do a piece of lace perfectly to submit it.   If there are any mistakes, you note the mistake in your documentation and state how to correct the mistake.   This is how we all learn from our mistakes.  

In addition, you can submit a piece or two for a "pre-assessment" for feedback to see if you are on the right track with your lace and documentation process.   If you have questions, you can ask your questions to make sure you understand the process that the IOLI journal is asking you to do.  

I also recall that IOLI has asked if you find an error in the journal to email it to IOLI because they do update the journals to improve it for future users. 

I hope this helps.


Did you ever receive the point ground proficiency journal?  Have you started it?


Simon Purple said:
Does the journal actually have the patterns in it?
I know this discussion took place years ago, but as I'm just starting (with great trepidation) I thought I would add a comment. Joan did you ever do this? Anyone else? Or, anyone interested in giving it a try?


I have signed up for the proficiency program in point ground laces.  I received my cd with all the information at convention.   I just started looking at it.  It seems a little overwhelming so I'm going to go slow.  I will report back at my next step.


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