IOLI Tatting Technical Proficiency

Tatting Technical Proficiency:  Work 33 pieces of Tatted Lace.  Answer questions related to the pieces and document your work.  Include a written introduction to Ttted Lce, bibliography, and lacemaker’s statement.

contents of the IOLI Tatting Proficiency Journal:

1) Basic techniques including Rings, Chains, Picots, Double-Stitches, Split Rings
2) Different types of joins
3) Different ways to move from one Round to the next
4) Samples made in a variety of shapes
5) Daisy Picot technique
6) Tatting with multiple shuttles
7) Shuttle tatting vs. needle tatting
8) Frontside/Backside tatting
9) Celtic tatting
10) Padded tatting
11) Adding beads
12) Using CTM
13) Different methods for writing directions - e.g., words vs. abbreviations
14) Diagramming patterns
15) How to reproduce a sample from an antique piece of tatting

Most of the samples are fairly small allowing the candidate to practice a variety of techniques.  Required documentation typically includes the following items:

1) List all elements in the piece
2) Describe the stitches used in the pattern
3) Describe two ways to move from one round to the next (if applicable)
4) Number of shuttles that were used to make the piece
5) Write directions for the pattern or provide a diagram (usually one or the other)

Louise Colgan
IOLI Proficiency Program Chair


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Comment by Administrator on September 18, 2016 at 7:35pm


That program goes directly through the IOLI itself. Go to the MAIN page of laceioli, and click on the url directly under the IOLI logo. On that page, on the right, click on PROFICIENCY PROGRAM. That will give you links to the chairperson for that aspect, and links to background information.

Once you start I would love to hear all about your adventure with it. Keep us posted. I think others also would like to see the pieces and your progress. At the least it would give others an idea of what is involved, and might spark more participation in that program.

Have fun with it.


Comment by Kathleen Minniti on September 18, 2016 at 12:47am

I would like to embark on this proficiency program.  How do I get started?  To whom do I write, and/or submit funds?

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