I'm looking forward to attending the IOLI convention at Sacramento on the way home from OIDFA in Adelaide, Australia.  It is great to combine two lace events into one trip.  I will be away from home while they are working on our kitchen.  

My first choice for AM class is Spania Dolina with Dagmar Beckel-Machyckova.  I first met Dagmar at the St Paul Convention where she introduced this lace.  This style is different because it uses heavier pearl cotton for color along with a lighter weight thread.  I selected my first Spania Dolina class because I demonstrate lace making at the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library and wanted to learn more about the laces from that region.  I prefer to make a lace that has thread that is easy to see.  Working with color brightens the day, especially in winter.  I'm really looking forward to making the scarf.  

My first choice for PM class is Gilian Dye's 16th-17thC Bobbin Lace.  History is interesting.  I enjoyed Gilian Dye's lecture about early lace at Ithaca in October.  So I plan to take the class and learn more.  

My first choice for Wednesday is Chaos Ground with Jean Leader.  I am the kind of person who finds it easier to design an embroidery pattern than to follow one.  So perhaps it was the word Chaos that grabbed my eye.  

For those of you who do not enjoy air travel, please note that Sacramento is on 3 Amtrak routes, the California Zephyr, the Capitol Corridor, and the San Joaquin.  There is direct bus service between San Francisco and Sacramento.  I've enjoyed making lace while riding on Amtrak.  The seats are wide enough to work on a lace pillow comfortably and the pillow doesn't have to be a small one.  

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Sally, with 2 conventions back to back your brain will be totally tangled up with thread. Conversing in ordinary English when you get back home may be difficult. Marvelous. When you get home be sure to post pictures of what you do in class. We will all love to see.

What other classes will our members be taking?

I do not know my classes yet. There are so many great ones! I can't remember what I finally marked and sent in.

The needle lace classes were a enticing -- another way to expand techniques and applications. I know Loretta Holzberger would be gentle with my rather limited background.

As a mother of two daughters who will wear any jewelry I make, the  jewelry classes were a draw--learn new techniques and have my girls think I am wonderful? What's not to like?

Ipswich lace was appealing--An American lace. Wow!

I still have an interest in old 16-18th century laces. They look "simple" but the lace really makes one pay attention to tension and where exactly one should end a braid to make things look good.

I took a Chrysanthemum class many years ago but I remember learning a new way to deal with a curve and control tension with the tape in the middle--always helpful. Debbie Beever is a fun and energetic teacher.

I have always wanted to make an Orenburg shawl. The last time I knitted I was nine. I would need to review the basics.

So many choices!! I can't wait!


That's the problem. Too many classes that you want to take. Eliminating most of them is the hard part.

 Conversing in ordinary English when you get back home may be difficult.

Oh Boy!! You like to live dangerously, don't you, Lorelei?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :)

At least, over here in Australia we do speak a version of English, so communicating will be easy for you Americans!!  -- I speak English  English, Australian English, - and some American English - so claim to be Multi-lingual!!!!!

It is only the odd word that is pronounced differently, and/or has a different meaning, - but mostly you will understand and be understood easily.  We have so much USA TV programmes that many won't even notice you have an accent!!!! :)

I am hoping to get in the morning class at Convention, with Gil Dye on the gold & silver Early Laces.

Early laces (both morning and afternoon) with Gilian Dye.   I sent in my registration early February.  When will I hear that my registration was received and that I got into my chosen classes?   I thought it was automatic registration.  

Administrator said:

What other classes will our members be taking?

There is a maximum and minimum number of students per class.  If there are too many people for a class, then the later registrations will get their second or third choice.  If there are too few people to support a class, then a decision has to be made whether the class will be cancelled.  The organizing committee has to balance the number of teachers with the number of registrations.  

If you know some people who are still thinking about going to Sacramento, encourage them to send in their registrations now.  It will really help the organizing committee finalize their plans.  


I meant to caste no aspersions on Aussie English. I was thinking more of the divide between lace-talk-English and asking the grocery store clerk where the bananas are.


I know, Lorelei. I did not take offence - I had a very good laugh - which did me a lot of good!!!!!!!  :)

I hope you did not take my comment as a criticism.  It was sent very Tongue-in-cheek, and with a big grin on my face!!!!!!!!!!  :)

I am now (after 54 years) reasonably fluent in Aussie English, - but people still pick up my English accent that has not disappeared!!!  It is just amazing the varieties of the same language, and how, like lacemaking, they have evolved differently over time!!!


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