Hi all, registration for Convention is upon us!


This year's I.O.L.I. Convention is BACK IN PERSON in Mesa, Arizona from July 17-23! Are you ready for registration?

Registration officially opens on February 15, but you can start submitting your registration and class choices anytime either online or through the form in the Winter Bulletin. If you choose to do this it will be counted as if it were received on February 15th. (Anyone submitting early will not receive an advantage in the class or classes they selected. The process for assigning classes will be the same whether forms are received on or before February 15th.)

There is a new procedure for class registration this year, which we hope will help ensure you get the class you want. Please see the Convention website for the full procedure and an example of filling out the class registration form.

For class descriptions, please see either the Winter Bulletin or the Convention website.

We hope to see you in Mesa!

Convention Website:

Registration: https://sites.google.com/internationalorganizationoflace.org/2022-i...

Our Website:

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I only recently received the Fall Bulletin, but I hope the Winter edition does not take so long to get here (Australia).  I think the last one came by sailing ship, not Airmail!!!!

Anyway, we are not allowed to fly to USA anymore - Doctor's orders, as our health is not good enough, and we are too old to get any travel insurance - for our health, anyway. I think they will insure the suitcases, but not us!! Once we got over 80 years old they did not want to know us. We took the risk, the last couple of times but not now, Unfortunately.

Pity, as I have SO Many Happy Memories of the 9  Conventions I have been able to get to, and have made such nice firends in so many lovely places. 


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