HI All,

I have recently acquired this wonderful lace collar which I believe is a needle or needlepoint lace. Even though I have purchased 3 books on lace ID(which I love by the way)  I often become confused about the different styles as there are similarities among them.  However, I couldn't seem to find anything like this in my research.

Wondering if anyone would be so kind to assist me in identifying the style of lace, origin and possible age?  

Thanks so much for your time!

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Lorelei,  I am surprised at the first and 3rd photos being chemical lace ...never would have guessed those!  The other two yes,

 I will try to take a better close-up of the back of the lace collar in the next day or two and post it.

Thanks again.


I was finally able to get a better close-up of the back using a lightbox!   Thanks for your patience. I think you may be surprised at what the details show...I know that I was!   Do you still think it's embroidery?

Thanks so much!



Hi Leslie, I was finally able to get a really good close-up  photo of the back..thanks for your time!

Leslie Sercombe said:

You are quite right it does look as though the fabric has been cut away from the back, (would still love a look at the back). This leaving the motifs joined without any bars or other means of attachment. On reflection, as there is a variation of only three motifs assembled to form this beautiful garment it is now obvious to me it is embroidered cut work. Thank you very much.  


Yes, it does look like embroidery to me.


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