Vibeke Ervo was a Swedish scholar who started a "list" and a website for Freehand Lace. This group was originally an OIDFA study group that somehow became separate from OIDFA. This has been the incubator for all the important work done in Early Lace, as it included Rosemary Shepherd, Gil Dye, Jean Leader, Lena Dahren, Leonard Bazar, Devon Thein, Kim Davis, and actually quite a few others. It is a very distinguished group of hard core lace people.

Vibeke recently died of cancer after a very short illness. But, she had time to ask Kim to take over the Freehand Lace Group and to move it to laceioli.ning. She asked Kim because Kim is the youngest member of the group and is also distinguishing herself as a scholar of Early Lace, teaching it at the convention, writing about it, etc. She gave Kim the password information necessary to access the group as Vibeke had formed it on some other software, ie. list of people, lists of resources.
Kim is taking this "dying wish" very seriously, and wants to proceed with the process of inviting the members of the Freehand Lace Group to laceioli.ning

This is the existing website for the Freehand Lace Research Group:

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Devon wrote the above text to me in a private email.  But since it covers the basic facts I used it to explain what is happening.  The FREEHAND LACE group that already exists on laceioli was created for those interested in the peasant laces which can generically be called "freehand lace" because pins are only place on the outsides of the lace, and the interior is achieved by careful tension control.  Vibeke's group arrived at the theory that most early bobbin laces were worked in the freehand manner.  So "freehand lace" may refer to the modern peasant laces, or to the very early bobbin laces which were worked in that manner.  So the term may refer to a stage in the history of bobbin lace.  

If anyone has opinions about this, or corrections to what is written here, please post a comment.

HI!  I would  like to add that I will be maintaining the website in the same location it is now.  The list there will also be maintained, and members will be invited to join Ning if they choose.  In coming months I will continue to further the work Vibeke was doing on the site to enhance it.   It was Vibeke's opinion that it would take a while for many people to get used to Ning, see its value and to adopt it.  She did see the value of the conversation ability on this platform and explicitly asked that I try to use it with the member base.  It is important to look at this as a merging of resources, not the Freehand Lace Group moving or being shut down.  The idea is to enhance what is already there with the benefits of this platform.  In reciprocation those on this will be able to use the content from the website and existing group. 

     It is a bit tricky to figure out how to classify things between three existing groups, which will also be a bit of a transition and work in progress.  My general inclination is to send an invitation for both the Early Lace and the Freehand Lace group so that people can join one or both Ning groups, depending upon their interests and studies.  There is most certainly a great deal of overlap, and information from Freehand Lace in general,  that can be learned for those studying Early Lace.  I would strongly advise anyone who is making a scholarly study of Early Lace to also join the Freehand group.

Kim Davis


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