I just uploaded a new release of bobbin lace extensions for InkScape. InkScape itself had a new release recently too. Both are available for free and run on Windows and *nix. Mac requires more hoops to jump through.

The new release of the extension provides fancy polar grid variations for doily edges or fans. The variations are suited for example for Ulrikes "Viele Gute Grunde" B1-B7, from Torchon and Flanders to ringed snowflakes for Binche lace. Have fun with it. Those willing to create a github account can improve my grammar and more of the explanations via a the web-interface.

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Tell me, please, what program is better to draw pictures for bobbin lace. Which program is easier to transfer to  computer and  for use. I do not always understand the translation.

I want to draw different types of grids and paste into them all the basic elements of lace. And also change the form of the patterns (Veronika Irvine show)  and make a circular grids with elements of lace.

I do various lace, but I want, that the drawings were more accurate.

Thank you for understanding


The plug-in announced at the start of this discussion is now also available as a web-based version. Nothing to download and install if you just want to print a custom polar grid for doily edges or fans.

Error handling is still under development. Feed back is welcome, as well as more examples or requests for specific examples. I referenced to grids of Ulrikes "Viele gute Gründe", are there more books around I should reference?

Jo -- another book to look at --     Ute Ulrich GRUENDE MIT SYSTEM

Let me rephrase. I don't have all the books, but don't want to favour one author over another. Does Ute have names or numbers for the linked grids? Does she use grids that are not yet preconfigured with a link but can be created with the form that is available since an hour or so? Did I mix up grids or angles?

I added also a few Torchon grids. As Torchon is quite common I could use traditional names rather than link to a specific author.The grid for honeycomb can also be used for an asymmetrical ground of which I don't know the English name. The Belgians call them mennekes and vrouwkes.

Jo I don't have the Ulrich book myself. I have just seen several of its pages online.  https://picasaweb.google.com/107057024710118144287/GrundeSystem?nor... 

Thanks for the link, I added some examples. Along with other tiny improvements I broke the link above. The new address of the web based polar grid is now: http://jo-pol.github.io/DiBL/polar-grids


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