We still don't have a universal set of terms for various aspects of bobbin lace. Here are some sets of equivalent terms.

CTC cloth stitch, whole stitch, linen stitch

CT half stitch     (closed method)

TC half stitch       (open method)

CTCT whole stitch, whole stitch with a twist, doublestitch      (closed method)

TCTC whole stitch, double stitch, whole throw       (open method)

CTCTCTCTCTCTC braid, plait, leg, bar        A narrow bar usually made of 4 threads (2 pairs).

braid/plait      CTCTCTCTCTC

footside        In an edging this is the side that is attached to the cloth.  It is usually, but not always, straight and may have a winkiepin or sewing edge.

headside      The side which is on the outside of the lace, the side which hangs free.  This would not be attached to fabric.  It often has picots or some kind of braided/plaited decoration.  It may be scalloped, wavy or straight.

passives, downrights      In weaving these would be called warp threads.  The vertical threads in a cloth stitch section.

tape/ braid              A narrow strip, usually cloth stitch, having 3-14 pairs. It may use half stitch, or variations on the cloth stitch with different edges. Laces called "tape laces" or "braid laces" have a meandering cloth or half stitch strip that wanders through the pattern. The empty spaces between the tapes/braid are filled with a variety of possible bobbin made elements or joinings.

weaver, runners, workers        The pair of threads which moves horizontally across the row in cloth stitch or half stitch.  In weaving these would be called weft threads.

Don't let the lack of agreement on terms upset you.  The best thing to do is that whenever you buy a new book, or take a class with a new teacher, first find out what she calls


   half stitch    CT or TC  ?

   What does she call     CTCT    or    TCTC  ?

   When she says   "whole stitch"  what does she mean?



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