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Jo Edkins

Jo Edkins: index to Gertrude Whiting

Gertrude Whiting: index

Free lessons/patterns from Alexandra Stillwell   Recommended books, equipment, what various bobbin lace styles look like.

Lessons for braided/plaited laces and tape lace:

Basic techniques

and  about the distinction between part lace and straight lace

A pinboard which includes museums and lace guilds sorted geographically, and also boards of lace suppliers, worldwide, also sorted geographically 

A set of lessons using patterns typical of early bobbin lace:


Brenda Paternoster's method of calculating thread sizes for pricking: 

For videos of many forms of lacemaking, including bobbin lace, see:   She has collected playlists for hundreds and hundreds of videos.

This lady collected how-to bobbin lace videos:  in Dutch, but diagrams are good. Bobbin Lace European Network

This one has a simple bracelet pattern and full description of method: 

This one has several tutorials in French with detailed sequential photos: 

Sequential photos on how to make tallies, in French:

International color coding system: 


SOURCES FOR LEGAL PATTERNS (books have expired copyrights)


#2    Antique Pattern Library 


In #1 look for Dillmont       Dillmont, Thérèse de. Les Dentelles aux Fuseaux IIme Serie [Bobbin Laces, Second Series This is the part about bobbin tape lace.  A brief summary of contents of the 8 parts follows.

     part 1: basic instructions for tape lace with some photos

     part 2: more plates

     part 3: elementary patterns, incl #41

     part 4: patterns #43-46

     part 5: starts with pattern 47  This one is important.  I adapted it & worked sample.

     Part 6: patterns 52-56

     part 7: patterns 57-61

     part 8: patterns 62-66

Dillmont Les Dentelles aux Fuseaux 1re Serie [Bobbin Laces, First Series ]. In 4 parts.  Torchon bobbin lace.  Parts 1 & 2 are photos of the basics, and the French text.  Part 1 is grounds and basics, Part 2 starts with wave and fan motifs. Part 3 is torchon prickings, part 4 is torchon patterns.  Many of these are very simple and suitable for a beginner.

Also look for De Jager-Meezenbroek, L. J. Kantklossen Techniek (Bobbin Lace Technique with Simple Examples), Eska, Utrecht.

Also look for  Handleiding voor Vrouwelijke Handwerken # 11 (Instructions for Women's Handwork), A. W. Sijthoff, Leiden,  This is in the 1st part of the list, with no authors listed.  the file is hw11.pdf

Also look for Kristina Koustouraki-Koukoulari.  The original is in Greek.  The pdf file is kkk-lace.pdf.  The booklet has some simple tape lace patterns.  Author donated book to  English translation is:  Koustouraki-Koukoulari, Kristina. Cretan Bobbin Lace [Kritiko Kopanelli], 1985, 43 pages. Note: Translation from the Greek. Provided by Tess Parrish. Posted September 25, 2002. CD (HWDA11). CD (LDA01). SAMPLE PAGE. File size 5.3 MB PDF

In #1 also look for:

The 2nd batch of LePompe patterns, published 1880s, copyright free.  Has tape lace and plaited lace. 

Mincoff & Marriage, originally published 1907, now copyright-free.  This has an especially good selection of patterns, for Cluny and tape lace. 

         Part 1 is history. 

         Part 2 mostly tape/braid lace,+torchon +some plaited  

         Part 3 is Maltese, Cluny, & plaited

Woodward, Mary Eva A Text Book on Cluny and Torchon Laces 1901, Gordon Mackay and Company Limited, 102 pages. Note:downloaded from Posted March 1, 2012. SAMPLE PAGE. File size 4.8 MB PDF  Has Cluny and torchon patterns.


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Comment by Sharon on February 14, 2015 at 12:19pm

Thank you!

Comment by Lorelei Halley Administrator on February 13, 2015 at 2:43am

thnx Roger.

Comment by Roger Turnbough on February 12, 2015 at 6:47pm

Ok,  I went and did some poking around on the web.  If you point your browser to

You will then see a search bar come up.  Put in the URL that you are attempting to get to, (from the dead link) and hit enter.  After it searches, sometimes it will take you directly to the page you request, other times, it will take you to a calendar looking page, that shows you the dates that the site was crawled by the bots.  I did a few of the Lacefiary addy's, and the latest crawls would not come up, but if you go back a month or two, sometimes more,  the web page should come up and load out of the web archives. 

Unfortunately, not all the pictures and jpg's loaded on my attempts, but the text is there.  I hope this helps some people out.  And this is a resource, The Wayback Machine, that will work for almost any website that is defunct, that had been around for awhile.  Sites that are only around for a few months, are generally not completely crawled by the bots, so the archiving is spotty at best.


Comment by Lorelei Halley Administrator on February 12, 2015 at 4:48pm

I have left all the lacefairy links on my various online platforms, laceioli, needlelacetalk, and lynxlace. The reason is that I keep hoping Jeri's computer assistant will be able to reconstitute the site. It is easier to do a search on an existing word, such as lacefairy, and replace it with a new link  than to go back page by page and enter a new address.  If I hear that Jeri Ames has decided to scuttle the lacefairy content permanently, then I will delete all the lacefairy references.

Comment by Sharon on February 12, 2015 at 8:18am

Thanks!  Perhaps Administrator to remove it from the list above then, to avoid confusion to other beginners?

Comment by Devon Thein on February 12, 2015 at 7:47am

Last March there was an announcement on arachne that the renewal fee was not going to be paid so the Lace Fairy site as it was, would cease to exist. The original proprietor is unable to continue with it. In the email there was a request that all lace sites with the link update by deleting the link. There was an effort underway to try to save some of the information that was on the site and possibly "keeping relevant information alive", via some new vehicle. This was a complicated task because of the many generations of computer technology that has taken place since the site was started. It was said that it would be a while before a new address was announced. I have not seen any announcement since then. But, it is not impossible that I may have missed something...

Comment by Sharon on February 12, 2015 at 6:18am

Do we know what happened to Lori Howe's Lace Fairy site?  It doesn't seem to exist any more.

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