I am trying to figure out what is the english name of the ground she is doing in this video. It is called punto de tul in spanish.


at 13:40 she startes. It is tttc.


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In this video she is doing "punto de tul" perhaps if you see it, you could find the name in English, I think...I'm a very new beginner. Good luck! :)


It is really hard to follow what she is doing. But I do hear una dos tres vueltas -- twist 3 times. From the design she could be working the pattern as a point ground lace. In that case the ground would be "point ground" in English -- twist twist twist cross set the pin. Do not close the pin.  Once you get far past the halfway point it does appear that she is not closing the ground pins. So I think it is point ground.

 But it is hard to tell. Part of the problem is that she has the footside in a different color from the rest of the lace. Normally, when doing point ground with that footside, one thread from the foot would travel into the ground. But because she has that 2nd color, she has to fudge the pin where foot meets ground to prevent that thread from moving into the ground.

 As far as I know, every geographic region that made bobbin lace, made some sort of point ground during the 19th century. And they all used that tw tw tw cross, pin, do not close the pin.



Yes, I noticed that she does not close the pin. Interesting though, I have noticed that instead on one thread from the ground in the footside instead of the other way around like you said.

Punto de Tul - is "Tulle Ground" in English ( I am pretty sure!) and Tulle Ground is another name, as far as I know, - for Point Ground - Cross and 3 twists, pin, - and move on to the next stitch, Do Not close behind the pin.   - Like Point Ground in Bucks Point.   She does the twists first then the cross - I don't think it matters which way you do it, - so long as you do it that way though-out the piece.

Thanks guys. I really love her videos, but I wish I understood her. 


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