Hi, Im new here. My name is Joseph i am from Australia and i am 21. 

I have heard alot about travel pillows, as a new lacemaker i would love to have a pillow i can take with me.

I made my own straw filled bolster pillow and cookie pillow and i would now like to make my own travel pillow. 

Anyone got preferences on what travel pillows they like? and any plans/  instructions to make one.

Thanks in advance. if you have any questions for me, Feel Free to message

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I've made one for a friend now about 5 years ago or more.  I have another cut out for myself, but it's been quite a while now.  I hope I remember how to put it together...!!

Hi,Joseph. I bought a travel pillow in the Internet,but it is small, only 12inches across. I have taken it away with me but the usage is limited because of the size.
It is quite a simple construction.it is a round pillow with a normal looking pillow top. Underneath it has an attached little bean bag so it can sit on your lap. Quite natty really!
Hope this helps


I travel with my bolster pillow frequently, but I just put it to bed with a cover cloth and elastic band to hold the cloth and bobbins in place, and carry it in a fabric market basket.   I also have a large cookie that came with a home-made carry case - two circles of fabric with a zipper closure around most of the outside edge plus a carry handle, and with pockets sewn to the inside of the fabric to hold bobbins.   You can also use a simple bit of crochet to hold bobbins in place for travel - a line of single crochet about a foot or foot and a half long, a line or 2 of double or triple crochet back across, and then another line of single.  Slot your bobbins into the spaces between the double crochets and then pin the crochet down to your pillow to hold the bobbins in place.

I've also seen small cookies which have a fabric circle sewn to the base.  A drawstring is put into the edge of the circle that is long enough so the circle of fabric can lay flat when open, but when drawn closed the fabric comes up around the pillow to enclose the pillow and bobbins inside, essentially making a connected drawstring bag. 

Good luck!  I hope these ideas help!


I have a travel pillow, but am in 2 minds about its usefulness. For one thing, they tend to be small and work best for narrow patterns which don't require a lot of bobbins. I have a pinterest account and one of my boards is all pillows and bobbins. About 80% down the page there are a group of photos of travel pillows, which you might find useful.


My personal preference is for an ethafoam pillow (polyethylene). These are lightweight, and that is the primary feature of travel pillows, as opposed to many traditional pillows. You want something light enough to carry around to meetings. You just need, in additional to the foam, some means of capturing your bobbins in case one loses its hitch while in transit. But that is easy to manage.

My personal preference is also the ethafoam pillow, but I had cut a board to put underneath it just to be sure it won't topple over on me.  It's not really heavy with that, just more stable.  It is my favorite.  Now to get them back to working again is another thing.  

I have a travel, pillow , the sort that folds up like a handbag, and it is useful for going out and about ! I can only use a maximum of about 25 pairs of Midlands, type bobbins on it, and do straight lengths, no corners, but I would not be without it for quids!!

I see you are from Adelaide, Joseph - There are some very friendly Lace makers there!  I am in Melbourne.. Are you a member of the Guild? - or have you thought about joining, as you will get access to lots of information, suppliers, and help  - and make some nice friends along the way.!

Welcome to the very addictive world of Lacemaking!!

Yes i have joined the guild. 

I dont actually live in adelaide, I live about 210km north in the small town of crystal brook. 

I am planning to go to the guild in adelaide once a month. 

Hi Joseph,

I just made myself a travel pillow.  I pinned some instructions on Pinterest.  Here is my reference


This is my page so you'll need to scroll down.  There are several types.  Hope it helps. 

 Have Fun,Maryjane


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