I gather that certain lace traditions do a half stitch as TC rather than CT. They describe this as "starting lace stitches with a twist". But how do they do cloth stitch (CTC)? I can't figure out how that could start with a twist. Is this way of making lace in fact "all lace stitches except cloth stitch start with a twist, but cloth stitch is CTC"?

I want to put this in my website, but obviously I'd like to get it right!

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Looks good! And as you say, it all results in lace, which is the main goal. :)

Jo Edkins said:

Thank you everyone! I've written my new webpage of the different traditions:


As you can see, I've quoted some of the above! Very useful.

workers, walkers, weaver, leader, runners. delicious. Having all the names in one place.   I no longer think in terms of the name of a stitch, but what movements it consists of. 

There are probably more names - but those are the 5 that  I know - and have heard used!!

Looking at the history of the craft, it sprang up in so many places, and in those days the 'ordinary' people did not travel far, - 10 miles to another village was a Long Journey!, so people invented their own ways of working a pattern, and used their own terminology for it.

The History of Lace is fascinating!


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