Hello all,

Can someone please dirrect me to a video that shows how to do a  spider?  I am having problems getting the bottom  part.  Tried differant written directions and still cant get it. 

Thank you and thank for all the good stuff on this site.  Will take a very long time to get through it all.

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Try this:


It gives both lots of diagrams, and (on the right) an animation.

It's my site, so please contact me if you still have problems, and I'll try to improve it (not just for you, but for anyone else).

You may find the rest of the site useful as well.


That is one of the sites that Ive been to (which I love and thank you).  But it isn't doing the stitch in its order.  Or the movement.  My spider legs on the bottom look short.  I don't know if it to much tension or if an extra twist is need.  I am doing two twists before working the lower legs in.  The basic shape of the spider is ok, just some of the legs being short.

Thank you so much.  I come from a crafty family and there isn't one that does bobbin lace for me to ask.  So far, I haven't come across anyone that has an idea what bobbin is.

Oh a lot more than two twists! I do six twists, before and after the "body" of the spider!

I suggest a good tightening after finishing the body of the spider. The important two pairs to tighten are the middle two. Those should shove the body of the spider close to the pin. But the other pairs will need a gentle tug as well. Try to get the whole thing nice and taut BEFORE working the legs into the rest of the lace. They may loosen again a bit, but it will help to keep the body small (which makes the legs longer).

For a good tightening of the middle two pairs, take one pair in one hand, and the other pair in the other hand, and pull them apart as much as you can (short of pulling pins out!)

But you will see that the body of the spider can end up as an oval anyway, especially for bigger spiders (with more legs).

Hope this helps!


Thank you so much.  The directions said total of two twists, but I was thinking of more, but what do I know, Im just starting out.  I have done the pattern so many times  with the same problem each time. (but got to admit Im getting pretty good at tighting it.)

I got to get this stuff down.  I bought a colonial house six months ago and want to remodel it inside as to an earlier time period.  This lace would look GREAT on the curtains.

i am very greatful for you helping me.

I suppose that it may depend on thickness of thread, size of pattern, etc. If you do too many twists, then I guess the legs wouldn't straighten out. But otherwise I would say - lots of twists!

Have a go, anyway!

Also the number of twists on the legs above the spider's body should match the number of twists on the legs after the body.  At least I always try to do that.

Jo, nice to hear from you.

Just took the piece off the pillow.  Big differance with the extra twists.

Thanks again.Im sure I will be asking more questions in the future.

Well done!

Show us a picture!

lol, sure, when I master it a to my satisfation.


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