Thank you for letting me know that it posts more then one time. I am sorry I didn't know that. Thank you again. Yes, for your answer. I joined the tools and equipment and as well as the beginners class is what I call it. Ha Ha!! Anyway I do have a beginners starter kit. My husband bought if for me a couple yrs. ago for Christmas. But it was to confusing so I didn't do anything with it. So I went on the internet and found the lacemakers in England. I also have a couple of prickers and I am going to be getting a book, bobbins, and possibly an authentic pillow from Malta. That is where my sister-in-law lives and they make Maltese lace in Gozo. That is where I started to get interested in it. I also have a cousin in England as well. So I am very excited to find people who are willing to help me learn this beautiful art. There are not any people that I know in Colorado Springs that make it. There are some in Denver but none here that I know of. So thank you for your help as I am going to need all the help I can get.

Thank you again Lorelei


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Cindy,. - get in touch with the Rocky Mountains Lace Guild. They are lovely people who will make you welcome, and give you help if and when you need it.  There is a lacemaker in Pueblo,(also a Guild member) and others scattered around. I am sure they will find someone near you. they have a web site with contacts .

I am a member of that Guild as my daughter, also a lacemaker,  used to live there. I am too far away to help - I live in Australia!!  but I know the "Denver Mob" quite well, and number them amongst my good friends.  They are an active group, and I know they will give you some good advice.


Cindy:  Maltese (Gozo) lace has not been written about, much, among lace makers.  It is not lack of interest.  My understanding of its origins is this.  In the early 1800s some laces in the Cluny museum, which were historic laces from Genoa -- 16th century -- inspired a desire to copy the style.  This type is now called Cluny.  Maltese was created when an Englishwoman living in Malta wanted to start some handcraft industry to improve the condition of Maltese women.  She took the new Cluny laces as her starting point.  I don't know more detail than this.  I mention this because what we currently think of as Maltese lace uses many of the design elements and techniques of Cluny laces.  So I urge you not to wait until you can find Maltese patterns and books (I think there is only 1 book, haven't seen it, don't know its content).  Start by learning Cluny lace, and just about everything you learn will be transferable to Maltese lace, when you finally get the book or any patterns.  Any Maltese patterns that you may find will be intermediate level or advanced level patterns, not good for a beginner.  So start with the early stages of Cluny.  The plaited lace lessons I've written and posted here are the beginning stages of that kind of lace, and would be an appropriate place to start.

Bedfordshire Lace is like Cluny and Maltese laces - all Plaited laces, and usually lumped together.

the 20 Lessons book will help a beginner - by Barbara Underwood.  Just get a grounding in the Plaited laces, and the small differences that are with each type will then be easy for you.  Maltese lace has lovely fat tallies, Cluny lace has thinner longer ones!

Linking a leg (plait) into a trail is slightly different in Cluny than Bedfordshire, - and is know as a Cluny Join.  Just little differences!!


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