I am learning Torchon Lace and have just finished a piece where I need to join the end to the beginning.  I have a Lazy Susan which I found on eBay and understand the basics of how to do the join except for where I have three pairs that need to go through one hole and I am trying to find a way of doing it which doesn't add a lot of bulk.  From what I understand, there are several ways of doing this.  Can anyone suggest a way that looks neat, not too bulky but which is also secure, please?

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Essentially, you're joining one pair at the end to one pair at the beginning. So there should be three pairs that you're trying to join. Add another pin or two to separate out the three pairs into more than one group.

Hi Jo, thanks for the suggestion which seems a good one.  Am I understanding correctly to say that the thread stitched around one pin hole needs to be joined to the thread stitched around the corresponding pin hole?  If so, where would I put the extra pin/s and where would I join them to?  Sorry if I am completely not understanding properly. 

I think so. You presumably have got three pairs on the same pin at the start. Lift the pin out and replace it with three pins, right next to each other. Then join the equivalent ending pair.
But you may be worrying too much about this! First of all, joining start to end is always messy. It's very satisfying to go and look at a professional piece of lace, and spot where the join is. Then gloat about how messy it is...
Secondly, when you've been making lace, your eye gets focused in on the minute detail. So you spot (and worry) about the slightest wonkiness or mess. Even if it ends up a mess, put it away for a time, get it out and have a look later, and you'll be surprised that it looks better.
And a useful tip - if you display it, put the join bottom right. The eye sees mess at the top, and on the left, as that is the way our eyes travel to read. Bottom right gets ignores.

Ah, thank you.  I see what you mean now.  I will try that.  I have had it on my pillow for the second day now and the thought of joining it has been scaring me but will bite the bullet!  :-) 

I LOVE your attitude, Jo!!  We worry far too much about how things are not perfect...!  How boring things would be if they Were perfect all the time!!  Nothing to gloat over (or grizzle about if it is your own work!!! )

Hazel, I would probably join 2 pairs at once, and then the 3rd pair separately, and stitch down the knots, using just one of the threads. that was how I was shown, anyway.  Almost everyone gets a join that can be seen, so don't stress over it too much!!!

 Think this reply is great too. I’m always very critical of my work.

I think Hazel’s piece is lovely. Well done!


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