The International Organization of Lace, Inc. is offering a 6 hour beginning bobbin lace class at its convention held in Valley Forge, PA on Wednesday, July 19th. You don’t have to buy equipment or supplies They are provided to you and then returned. You don’t have to pay a full registration fee. You pay a mini-registration fee that allows you to participate for one day and includes access to the salesroom, the display room and the lecture.
Kim Czerwinski specializes in teaching the very beginning basics of Torchon bobbin lace and is eager to introduce you to them. 
$88 for the class, $30 for the mini-registration ($25 if you are a member) The mini-registration fee includes access to the sales room and other events. Details here:…/…


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The right hand piece is a very good teaching pattern. Clever.


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Laurie Waters has a very substantial EVENTS list on lacenews.   

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