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For all beginners in bobbin lace who need a little help, and for experienced lace makers who are willing to assist.  Learn how to make bobbin lace.  Learn bobbin lace.  Bobbin lace lessons.  Bobbin lace tutorial.  For other bobbin lace tutorials online, and for discussion of bobbin lace structure, look in the next right column for the red link ONLINE RESOURCES.

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Comment by Elizabeth Ligeti 1 hour ago

I love the moving diagrams!  Excellent, and shows each different footside very clearly. a great page. Thank you.

Comment by Administrator 12 hours ago

Jo - That's a really good page.

Comment by Jo Edkins 17 hours ago

The different types of footside are described here, with (moving) diagrams

Comment by Elizabeth Ligeti yesterday

It just depends what you want to do with the lace when it is completed. Winkie pins (they way you do it) is fine, but with the straight footside is better if you want to stitch the lace to fabric. ""Horses for courses" as they say!!!

I don't have that Gil Dye book, - I have her others - the 3 Early Laces books, and Elizabethan Lace, but not her beginners book.

So long as you are making lace - and enjoying it, - carry on how it suits you.  Ignore the "thought Police" - always!!!!!  (I am noted for being a bit "radical"!!!! :)

Comment by Roger Turnbough yesterday


I will admit, I did not do the cloth stitch lessons here.  And for books, I only have the one,  Beginners Guide to Bobbin Lace by Gillian Dye.  I suppose that is why I am not familiar with that stitch, as its not in my book.  I do appreciate you getting back to me though.  Its much appreciated.

Comment by Elizabeth Ligeti yesterday

Ok, you do the twist before the cross - that is fine - Continental way, I know it as!!! 

What I do for the foot side, is work your stitch TCTC, give an extra twist on the worker pair, - and leave it out to the side.  Put up the pin Inside the next pair, and use that pair as the worker across to footside passives.. The 2 pairs wqill alternate, as on the next row you work the pair with the extra twist, that you left out, and they will become the workers,  

I am waving my hands around - again- pity you can't see it!!!!!! :)

Must of the beginners books should show this technique. "Pin under 2" prs (or 4 bobbins) is how it may be written.

What books do you have? 

Look up the top of this page at the pink samples, and then on the right are 2 black & white samples.  You, I think have done the edge like the black & white one 2nd from the right, and I am talking about the edge on the far right sample - a straight edge. It is Much easier to sew the lace to fabric if you have a straight edge  like that.

What you have done is Not wrong - but this other way is better for lace to be mounted. (I bet there will be some who will argue with that, - but that is half the fun of it all, - different opinions!!!!!  How boring if we all liked the same thing!!!!!!! :)  )

Comment by Roger Turnbough on Tuesday

Thanks for the comments,  much appreciated.  Elizabeth,  I am not sure I understand what you are saying about the pins on the footside.  As I crossed each passive, I did TCTC, the put an extra twist in the weaver, pinned, and then TCTC back across the passives.  Is this not correct?  If its not, can you tell me what I should have done instead?  Or possibly give me a visual reference?  It would be appreciated.

I will try and take another picture tomorrow and mess with it to let you see the threads better.  Its to close to bedtime to do it tonight.


Comment by Elizabeth Ligeti on Tuesday

Well done roger. that is coming along nicely.

As Lorelei says, snug up the threads after each pass - cross,. twist, tension, cross, twist, tension. etc.

Also, - if you want to mount the lace on fabric, always place the foot side pin inside 2 pairs. that way you will get the straight edge which is easier to mount. I once - only once - had winkie pins on the foot side and mounted the lace on fabric. Never, - Ever- again!!!!  :)

Comment by Administrator on Tuesday

It did come out quite well. When sewing out the biggest problem is how to hide the ends. There are several methods I use, depending on the situation. Here are some photos -- click on the images to get a larger picture.

About your photo - it is hard to see because there is too much light. To get good images to post I usually fiddle with the image a bit. I find that darkening the mid-range just a bit, intensifying the colors (if the lace isn't white), decreasing the contrast just a bit -- all these improve the photo. A good photo shows each thread with its own shadow. It is the shadows which tell us which thread lies on top and which goes under.

You braids look OK as far as I can see. But to get good braids snug after every cross. Snug and gently pull the 2 pairs outward and slightly backward.


Comment by Roger Turnbough on Monday

Hi everyone,

Just finished up Lesson 3 and got all the pins out of it.  All in all I would like to think it came out pretty well.  I am not real happy how the sewing came out on the join, and hope that it will get better for me over time.  Anyway,  comments and critiques are greatly appreciated.  I cannot possibly get better unless I know which areas I need to pay more attention too.


Thanks for taking the time to look!



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