I have been sent this photo of a piece of lace and asked to Identify the type. I am not good at Identification - beyond the very obvious! 

It is obviously in the style of the Raised Venetian Gros Point, but not hand made. Would it be Machine made or Chemical Lace? Machine made is my guess, but I was given permission to show the photo here, and ask the experts!

It was a Pram cover many years ago, and  was a very expensive lace , so I am told.  Sorry, but I know no more than that.

I would appreciate any thoughts on it, and I will pass them back along the line - to the friend of a friend who owns it now.

Thank you - in anticipation, from Very hot Melbourne, Oz - where it is up near the 100F mark today!

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I think it is chemical lace, imitating gros point needle lace. There is a fuzziness to the lace, which is characteristic of chemical lace. However the parts that look like twisted buttonhole stitch do look surprisingly like actual hand made twisted BH stitch. But the dense areas don't look right. In needle lace they should be closely worked single Brussels, but in this it looks like needle weaving, which isn't right for gros point. The padded outlines surprise me. I have trouble imagining the extreme raised work, with widely varying widths and heights, to be completely machine made. It is possible that it is chemical lace, with handwork done on top of it, in the padded outlines.

I am not quite ready to be absolute in my identification on this piece. What does the back side show?

I don' know what the back looks like.I believe it is made into a Pram Cover, so the back may not be accessible.

I don't think it is handmade, either - the raised work does not incorporate the edges - the edge behind the raised work looks the same as the edge around the leaf/calyx bit towards the bottom right area, and is not made in with the raised work, as true hand worked edging should look, I think.

Administrator - I love the new Spellcheck. you have here now!  It is Great! Thank you.

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