Our network is very new and I'm still in process of setting it up.  The basic structure is there, but I need to add refinements. 

It is my intention to have a list of good websites and a list of good books attached to every subject group, but I will need your help with that.  I'm not an expert on every kind of lace.  I rely on all of you to help with collecting such useful information.  In every group, just under the avatars of group members is a heading "PAGES".   The red phrases are links to pages where website links and book recommendations will be found.  Please please add comments to those pages with your suggestions.

We all love to look at pretty pictures of lace, so please post some of yours.

I hope you all will enjoy this network.  Comments and questions are always welcome.  People love to hear responses to their contributions: that is what makes a group like this fun to participate in.

Lorelei aka "ioli"

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I want to explain some things to our new members who are not familiar with this software from other ning groups.  Any content that you add yourself can either be edited and corrected by you, or deleted by you. 

If you decide that one of your comments isn't necessary, or contains errors (or whatever reason), look for the little x in the upper right hand corner of the comment box.  Click on the x and your comment disappears forever. 

For any photo that you post you can go back later and edit any description or tags that you entered when you first posted it.  Look near the top of the screen for OPTIONS.  Click on OPTIONS.  Click on EDIT.  Make your changes, then go to the bottom of the page and click SAVE.

You can edit much of what is on your profile page.  See the NOTE called HOW THE SOFTWARE WORKS.

When typing text for your photos it is important to understand how search engines work.  They don't understand the content on a photo.  They only see the words typed in.  So give the photo a name that a searcher is likely to use, such as: Torchon Bobbin Lace Edging or Bucks point or Knitted Lace Veil.

Tags are like invisible words applied to a photo.  They are primarily aimed at search engines, which read those tags as subject headings that the search engine will use when selecting a photo to show, in response to a search phrase that someone types in.  So again, use phrases that searchers are likely to use, such as: "bobbin lace" or bobbinlace or "teneriffe mat" or "Irish crochet" or "Irish crochet vest".  If you want to use a phrase of 2 or 3 words you must enclose the phrase in quotations marks, or the software will break the phrase into 3 words.  Example: Irish crochet vest will be saved by the software as Irish, crochet, vest (which isn't really going to help people who are looking for what you have.  Also you must separate each individual tag by a comma.  So another possible set of tags applied to a torchon hankie might be: "torchon","torchon bobbin lace","torchon hankie",bobbinlace

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