When I first learned to crochet, knit and tat, my mother gave me all of her old pattern books.  Most of them were printed in the 1950's, and many had belonged to her mother.  Sadly, I lost most of those booklets during one of my many moves.  Imagine my chagrin when I discovered that the box containing the gross of size 70 crochet thread in a matched color lot turned up, but the box containing the pattern I had bought them for went missing!

Is there anyone on this forum who has this pattern?  I can no longer recall if the book was from Coats & Clarks or Star, but it had an assortment of doilies, tablecloths and bedspread patterns in it.  The pattern titled "Florentine Lace" was for a table cloth, and all I have left of the pattern is one of the central square filet motifs. I recently found a photo on line of a bracelet made with motifs that look almost the same as I remember.  I've attached it here for reference.  Unfortunately it is one of those unattributed Pintrest things, so if you know who made it, please comment.

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Hi, Kathleen!

Could this be the pattern?


Erin in Tenn.

Thank you, Erin, but no, that is not the one I am looking for.  It is pretty, but the item I'm after has a small square of filet grid at the center and then scallops out from there.  I signed up for the website you linked, though, and will look through the rest of their free patterns just in case.  So, thank you also for showing me yet another resource for vintage patterns!

This looks like the square in the bracelet..http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/venetian-square

I love thread crochet, but hardly ever do it anymore.  There is such a wealth of antique patterns and info out there - a person could find projects for a lifetime!

YES!!!!   Thank you so much!  This is the pattern I've been looking for!  Yipee!  (Did I mention how excited I am to finally locate a copy of this pattern?)  LOL!  

I also have to laugh at the original name/title for the pattern; Venice and Florence were always in competition as medieval city-states!  The version I had was obviously a reprint from the 1950's rather than the original 1915 source listed in Ravelry.  In 1915 it was "Venetian Square"; in 1950 it had become "Florentine Lace" - the only difference was that the 1950's booklet offered a filling to connect the motifs corner-to-corner in a diamond layout rather than side-to-side as in the original.  If I weren't already thoroughly embroiled in several major tatting projects in preparation for our Shuttlebirds Workshop in April, I would be starting in on a tablecloth in this pattern!  I even have a 1 lb cone of Lizbeth size 20 thread in white that would work up quite a large cloth, LOL!

Once I move on to this project, I will be sure to post photos.  :D  (Big smiles!)

I can so relate to the "pattern from my past" syndrome.  My largest personal victory was locating instructions for the first sweater I knit on eBay.  The sweater was published In a supplement to Woman's Day magazine that you had to request via snail mail.  It was published in the sixties and was titled "Peruvian Cardigan".  I still have the sweater as I used acrylic yarn that has a half-life.  And yes, it's pretty ugly.  Heehee!  Patterns like that can become a holy grail.  I,'m glad that was it!

Kathleen - Be sure to show us a picture when it is finished. Or even in process.

Erin - I also remember the days of snail mail. Getting the address of the IOLI via snail mail. Sending a member ship check via snail mail. Waiting to receive the Bulletin by snail mail. Writing snail mail to a supplier listed in the back for equipment and books. Waiting for snail mail to deliver then. The dark ages, truly.

Lorelei, we truly have seen an evolution in our lifetimes, haven't we?  And look how it's changed things for our little community - better access to supplies and knowledge, better access to kindred spirits, and the ability to share with each other so easily.  We live in wondrous times.

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