I was wondering how to go about resizing a pattern. I was wondering how others adjust patterns for different thread sizes.  I have a scanner/copier/printer but it does not have the features to adjust the size of what is copied.  While I have a pantograph for woodworking, it is cumbersome to use for lace patterns.  I know there are copy stores that could resize the patterns but I do not have transportation to get to one very often.  I have found a website that for a yearly fee allows me to resize any digital item  I want and it even breaks the resized item up for best layout on multiple pages.  I am just not sure if I want to spend the money for the membership.

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This question came up a few months ago. Look here     My comment of October 26, 2014 explains how I calculate how much to enlarge or reduce a pattern.

If you have a computer printer, one of your programs will allow you to specify printing at a percentage of the original size.  I have a printer and a scanner. I use a pc, and windows comes with a very basic graphics software called PAINT. I use that to print out patterns at a percentage of the original size. My scanner cost about $100, 6 years ago. My printer only cost $35. (They make their money on ink cartridges.)  It isn't the hardware that adjusts the size, but the software. If you have any photo manipulation software you probably have software that will re-size a photo.

There is another way, devised by Brenda Paternoster. She has a website with that name. Her method is to wrap a length of thread around a pencil and count how many wraps fit into a 1 cm distance. She has a book which lists all known threads. She revises it every few years to keep up with what is currently available. I think the title is THREADS FOR LACE.

Thanks I will look into those options.

Have you tried Paint; it should be installed on your computer since it comes with Windows.  It's very easy to resize any pattern using that.

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