Does anyone know of a teacher who is teaching polychrome lace in the US or Canada? I saw a lot of it when the convention was in Montreal.

Thank you


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I realize that what I'm about to say is only a partial answer. The point ground proficiency program of the IOLI includes one polychrome pattern. Presumably there are instructions. You might ask Joan Williams for specifics. She was interested in the whole program. 

My comment 4/15/2012 at 2:28 pm contains a description.

Our member Arzhela Le Maitre has made some. Perhaps she can help. 

Thank you for your comment. Arzhela's work is gorgeous.

I don't know these women. The last time I saw polychrome lace was at the Montreal IOLI convention some years ago.


Thank you for your response. I will check it out.



I'm wondering if your question is about finding someone to come and give a workshop in your local area.  Have you contacted the people who run the IOLI conventions?  Has IOLI ever had a class in polychrome?  Let's see if we can compile a list of teachers who have done workshops on polychrome, anywhere in the world. Something might be possible, even with European teachers.

When you say "polychrome" I assume that you mean a point ground lace which uses a thicker colored thread as weaver in dense areas.



When one talks about polychorme lace it means a fine lace with  the technique of point ground and is  made in fine Silk.2/20

The colors are made bij mixing natural sik thread in the way a painter would.. The colors are made with a number of threads in different colors twisted on one bobbin..and used as weaver.  (normal 4 threads wind as you wish .(for e.g. 2 yellow + 2 bleu  will give and effect of green- it can also be 3+1 or 4 different ones) The gimp around the figure is mostly in 6 threads of yellow (dark)  silk threads on one bobbin because yellow accents the motif. The rest of the point ground is made in  écru.

For mixing the color it is necessaty to use NATURAL silk as it will not get the same effect nor work with synthetic silks.

That is how Polychrome de Courseuilles is made.. Polychrome means many colors.

Polychrome is NOT what one would call 'colered lace'..

Enjoy lace making



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