Help! Have tons of lace pics in Word docs and need program/software to convert to jpeg.  Can anyone recommend one?  Thanks!

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I use a pc, I have windows xp as my operating system.  With it comes a selection of accessory programs, one of which is PAINT a very basic graphics program that works with bitmap images.  WORD allows you to put image files into a page.  I don't recall the whole list of possible file extentions, but .bmp   .jpg   and   .gif   are certainly among them.  PAINT primarily creates bitmap files   .bmp    but can save any image as a    .jpg  file after it is created.

It depends on how your word document was created in the first place.  My books are created in WORD and I plugged in .bmp or .jpg files wherever I needed them.  If that is what you have, it is easy.

Right click on the image.  You should see it selected.  Click COPY.    Open PAINT.  Position your cursor on the blank page part of the screen.  Right click, click PASTE.  Then you have the image in PAINT.  You can then save the image file under whatever name, and you can choose the file format.  If you are thinking of posting it here, please save it as a .jpg file.  BMP files take up far too much room.

Hi, Deborah,

If worst comes to worst, you could always use the stopgap method of taking a screen shot, and copying that into one of the free photo-editing software systems available online.  I've downloaded Photoscape, and have been using it happily for a couple of years now. 

I take a screen shot (pressing Ctrl with PrintScreen simultaneously on the keyboard), and copy it (Ctrl with V) into the "editor" section of Photoscape;  when I "save" the photo, the title editor page pops up, and once I've typed in a title for the photo, it lets me choose which format the photo gets saved in, the choices including jpg, bmp, gif, and a couple of others.

I started needing this for security-of-records reasons when I became the secretary of a co-op.  We worked out a system where I would type out the meeting minutes in a Word document, then send screen shots of each set of minutes to all the other Board members.  It saved paper and time, and everybody had a set that, because they were photos of documents, were "unchangeable."  From that point of view, of course it's not absolutely secure --- but I learned a lot about how to preserve documents, photos, drawings, scans, etc., via screen shots.

The big problem with screen shots is that you can only have shots of what's on your screen -- so if your full photo is larger than the screen, you have to either reduce the size till the whole photo shows (losing definition), or you have to fiddle with precision joining of partial pictures --- do-able, I do it all the time --- but time-consuming and fussy.  You almost always do lose some definition with screen-shots, too.

The big advantage is that it’s relatively fast and simple, once you have the software available; and more than adequate for sharing photos that the recipients aren’t intending to keep.  I believe Paint is adequate for screen-shots (so my son assures me  :-D  ), but Photoscape offers more choices in editing, so I only keep Paint in mind as a back-up possibility.  There are other good free photo-editing software systems out there, too, if you don’t like Photoscape.



Were you ever able to isolate the photos you wanted from the Word document?

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