I am brand new to Bobbin Lace... Discovered it while watching a period drama series (Lark Rise to Candleford)... And was enthralled with the idea of it.
I have found the New England Lace Group and am planning to attend the connecticut lace day on June 3rd... Purchased a little starter kit on ebay to get a feel for it... I am currently researching pillows vs bolster... Etc am very excited to be on the journey back in time!

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So.... I attended a Lace Day meeting yesterday.... Wow what amazing people... They are part of the New England Lace Group... And meet here in Connecticut...
Great people and so much help!
I was able to see different styles of pill and Bobbins, learned that the thread I am using is why I am having a difficult time with the tension etc....
I can't wait until next month... First Saturdays are my new favorite day of the month!

Glad you enjoyed a Lace Day, Dee. They are good fun - and Wonderful "Therapy".  I don't do much lace Making at Lace Days - I go around and chat to people, and see what they are doing, and get help, give help, and get new ideas, find out about new threads, etc!  I can make lace at home, so I try to see, hear, and learn as much as I can when out at Lace Gatherings!!

I have ordered a starter kit from Holly van sciver.....kit number 4 with out bobbins as I have purchased east midlands and am in the process of spangling them.....20 inch cookie pillow.....it should be here next week.....am very excited to get working!!!!

Sounds good, Dee. Have you decided what to use for lesson material? There are 2 good online possibilites. My own is here on this site, and focuses on laces based on braids/plaits. Jo Edkins site is very good and focuses on torchon -- a geometric lace.



My lessons on my website:  http://lynxlace.com/#bbnlearn


The kit comes with dvds and books... I am going to go through it and see what it has to offer... I have gone over the material on the 2 sites you have suggested.... It will depend on what works best for my learning style....
I did spangle my bobbins... I have never done Bead work before... This is an amazing journey

Lovely bobbins, nice spangles.

Those are nice bobbins - especially for a stater Kit, - and you have spangled them vry nicely.  enjoy using them!

This is one thing about Bobbin Lace - and the English style bobbins - they look so pretty on the pillow when working!!!

Then you will also have the fun of collecting Special Event bobbins, with names,& dates on them - one for each child, or grandchild, with their name & birth date, on, and then more for special events you go to ... And on and on!!  It is never ending, but a nice , Useful, collection of souvenirs!!!!!  :)

So.... Progress! Thank you all so much for the advice... Here I go...

You are doing well. Great!  I hope you are enjoying it as much as you expected!

the blue strip, with different stitches is showing you are grasping the basics well. that is really the secret - Get Very familiar with the basics, and then advance one small step at a time, and you will find it all falls in to place more readily.

Now you'll have to try a pattern! This one is extremely simple, and it means you'll learn about footsides.


Footsides are the straight edge of lace - where you sew it onto material. They are shown here (with an animation)


And the pattern also has what I call double Torchon ground (although it has other names)


This is a proper lace pattern, by the way! I found it in a Downton lace book.

A very good start. I see that you are experimenting with variations on basic cloth stitch. That is very useful.

Jo, I love your animated stitches. Every time I see them it makes me smile..


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Laurie Waters has a very substantial EVENTS list on lacenews.


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