Looking for a Christmas Tree pattern or other ornanments for November meeting.   Would like a photo and a pricking for the pattern.  

Do you have any patterns to share for my group project? 

Thank you.

Chris Brill-Packard

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I have several, but they are all copyrighted.  Where you just asking for references or free patterns? 

The nicest tree I have is a tape lace, but the instructions are in German and I don't know the book.  I borrowed it from a friend years ago and only have the pricking.  The easiest ornament I've done is some Torchon icicles that my guild did a few years back  http://linenandleaf.blogspot.com/2010/09/torchon-icicle.html

If you could give me some names of books with the year it was published maybe I can find them in libraries or the IOLI library. 

I can read enough german to get by or if it has a photo - I can figure out the pattern/pricking. 



CRAZY serendipity!  Posting got me in the mood to serf for some lace books and what did my wondering eyes find over at Lacysusan.com... the tree I just posted about.  It's on the cover of Herz Stern Baum ein Traum by Sabine Frank-Hart.  Now we both know.  Cool beans.


We cannot post pages from books, even if we don't know the author.  It is still a copyright violation.  I understand that you are trying to be helpful to someone who asked for ornament patterns.  I must ask you to take it down.  If you find something online, please post a link.

okay, the Tape lace candy cane I have is from IOLI's site by Louise Colgan.  The simple easy angel is from Lace Express 3/09...it's on page 29 I think.  The icicles were from Poole Bobbin Lace Circle, but I don't think the prickings are up anymore.  Frankly they are just grounds about 1 inch wide with the ends done at an angle which you then starch in a twist.

This sounds like a perfect opportunity to use the IOLI lending library. You can go to the official website www.internationaloldlacers.org and then to the tab "libraries" and down load the list of our books available for loan to dues paying members of the International Organization of Lace, Inc formerly the International Old Lacers, Inc. (This is the parent organization that sponsors this site.)
Under the heading bobbin lace, a cursory glance discloses the Christmas Collection and the Christmas Lace Book by Christine Springett , Weinachtliche Kloppelmotive by Brigette Bellon,. By Jana Novak, Jule Kiplinger 2, and Jule Kiplinger 5, and New Weinachtspitze 3, which I assume is the same as my copy, New Christmas Lace 3, which features not only Christmas ornaments, napkin holders, etc, but an entire set of free standing Nativity figures in bobbin lace!


Jo Edkins has some ornament patterns:



Christine Springett has 2 books of very simple, yet beautiful patterns.  THE CHRISTMAS LACE BOOK and CHRISTMAS COLLECTION are the titles.  All done in torchon.  My favorite pattern is in the second book.  Easy and fast, yet elegant.


Thank you to all for the suggestions!  Thear are greatly appreciated!


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